//Check Issuing, Your Company Solution For Third Party Check Disbursement

Check Issuing, Your Company Solution For Third Party Check Disbursement

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It’s Friday. The single greatest day of the week, unless you think that’s Saturday seeing you maybe sleep a little more. Or maybe you think it’s Sunday because you love football. Or…maybe you are a Monday person. Wait, what? No one is a Monday person. Yeah, so Friday it is. The weekend looming ahead flaunting all her glorious potential, that’s Friday and that’s awesome. Nothing like figuring out weekend plans even if those plans are just to…well….sleep! Nothing wrong with catching up on some much needed sleep and getting prepped to really tackle the week ahead. But Friday is also a day that bookmarks the end of the work week for most of us, which means focus is still needed on work task and clients and product enhancements, you name it. But today I am going to ask you to refocus on a part of your business which you may not often consider to be intricate to your process. I mean, you do know its important, you just may not see it as an area of the company that could be enhanced to improve things like product or client services.

I’m talking about your check disbursement department. You know, that part of your company that writes checks to clients and customers and employees. Seems simple, right? You need to write checks. So you disburse checks. And then everyone goes home. But what if it weren’t that incredibly simple? What if someone told you that in fact, sourcing your check issuing business out to a third party check disbursement company could save your company loads of time, make you more efficient, protect you against fraud, and even help brand your product. Wow, right? That’s right.

When you use Check Issuing, we disburse checks on your behalf. Those checks use state of the art envelopes to help prevent check fraud (ever looked at the data on how many companies are exposed to check fraud?). We also use special checks which help to insure that your checks aren’t fraudulent when they are presented at the bank level. Yep, the bank can tell if a Check Issuing disbursed check is actually a fraudulent copy. That’s huge for protecting your business.

What about branding? We allow you to send out memorandums with all your checks. We allow you to make your checks more professional by putting your logo on the checks. That’s branding. Who doesn’t love getting money? Might as well have your brand beside that good will feeling!

Why not let the experts at Check Issuing handle all your check disbursement needs? You have no good reason! Contact our client services right now and become yet another super satisfied and happy client!

Have the Best Weekend Ever, folks.


Photo by CarbonNYC [in SF!]

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