//You Are Sending 1000’s Of Checks A Week? And You Aren’t Using Check Issuing?

You Are Sending 1000’s Of Checks A Week? And You Aren’t Using Check Issuing?

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What? Are you freaking crazy man?

The answer to that question is no, you aren’t crazy, you are just wasting a lot of energy and resources and have probably never considered this. Outsourcing your check disbursement servicing is really no different than outsourcing your hosting or your website development, both of which seem completely and totally normal to outsource. But when it comes to issuing checks or check fraud, the same cannot be said; in fact, its often just not considered, which is in turn the major problem. When companies know they can outsource to a check issuing service such as ours, they tend to want to utilize us. Running your own check fraud department can be an uphill battle, unless you have the latest and greatest ways to protect against check fraud, you are going to struggle. Check Issuing has that covered and so much more. Our checks are sealed in envelopes that you can’t see through, the checks in and of themselves can be read and tracked by the banks. Why try to do this on your own? You really aren’t saving money having your own employees and risk management assume these responsibilities.

We brand your company in a way that might be difficult for your company to accomplish internally. We can place your company’s logo right there on your checks so that your brand gets seen way more often. We can place memos and letters inside your envelopes to improve your company’s messaging and outreach to clients and customers. We can help you levitate as well. Ok, we can’t do that, but we do some damn good check issuing servicing, which is all that counts.

The holidays are already crazy enough, make a change that’s sure to help consolidate things and absolutely uncrazy them! Get in touch with us today and lets talk about what we can bring to the table so that you can start focusing ONLY on your products and your services.

Oh and Happy Holidays Folks!

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