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How Check Issuing Can Change Your Company Game


You work hard to create an amazing product that consumers want. You stay up hours at night trying to figure out the next technology innovation that you can package and sell to other businesses. You market, you throw fancy dinners for clients. You create ads, you have them posted all over relevant websites around the Internet. You have someone running your social media, your Facebook page is to die for.

You do all the right things. I mean, don’t you?

Why is it that when a business looks at every possible way to improve their business, one of the most vital portions seems to be almost completely overlooked? You never hear a CEO or business owner say, “well, lately we’ve been really ramping up our accounting department.” So why don’t we hear this? Well, for one, because it would be totally silly to say. And for two, well, I think “ramping” up accounting is a bit of hyperbole I threw in there to help me wittingly make a solid point.

That point being? While accounting isn’t interesting trade show talk, and while you might not want to “ramp up” accounting, you might want to add in a service that vastly improves your financial technology and your check fraud and check disbursement execution. Because when you do that, you actually do “ramp up” the department and in a way that causes that portion of your accounting department to be so uninteresting you’d never talk about it!

When check disbursement goes smooth, it isn’t interesting. People only really talk about sending out mass checks when there was a case of fraud. At Check Issuing, we use the best check fraud technology in the world. Our check envelopes alone are impenetrable. We help you sleep at night.

We also improve your company’s professional demeanor by allowing you to place your logo on your disbursed checks. We also allow you to create memos and messaging and place them in those super secure check envelopes so that when your client gets that check, they also get a memo about your latest offer.

How cool is that? So when are YOU going to “ramp up” to Check Issuing? Why wait, contact us today!

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