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Check Issuing Tips: Ways To Improve Customer Service.

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Ugh. Customer service. Just saying it sends chills up my spines and rusty nails directly into my shins (hey sorry for the visual, but it’s true). Customer service is the bane of most company’s existence. Making people happy is freaking hard, that’s just the truth, particularly if you are at fault for their issue. Obviously, not all customer service is about the negative, but as humans, that’s how we seem to recall things. We only remember the bad.

So how can you and your company make customer service a better experience?

1) Make your customer service reps a little happy, also.

This one is always weird to say. Many people think it is absurd that my first tip consist of making your customer service reps happier. I mean, isn’t the point to make your customers and clients happier? Yes, that is the point, but that idea begins and ends with the reps you have working over email and phone or even in person!

Always let them know that they are an intricate part of the company! Many customer service reps feel like they are a small part to a big machine, largely overlooked when it comes to the company’s bigger goals. Letting them know how important they are can really set a better tone. Maybe give out some movie tickets each week to top performers. Reward them when and where you can. This warmth will be conveyed through them and too the customer or clients.

2) Use their information to your advantage.

Customer service reps are really overlooked when it comes to their knowledge about the company and its products and services. They are in the line of fire, something a manager, CEO or CFO just isn’t in. They hear the complaints first hand. Many of them will have amazing feedback and even great ideas for improvements. Having a line of dialogue open with customer service reps is just smart business!

3) Make sure they know nothing on the job is personal.

The most difficult part of being a customer service rep is an angry customer. Customers, when angry, can be brutal to customer service reps. It’s important to make sure that customer service reps know that angry customers, no matter what they say, aren’t being personal. I know it sounds odd, but you reminding them of this goes a long ways in helping to resolve issues. If customer service reps have a bad call, they may not be as peppy for the next call. You want your companies main voice to be happy and comforting, not jaded and bitter.

4) Massages go a long ways.

Did you know it’s super cheap to have a masseuse come into the office and set up in the break room or conference room? Your customer service reps are stressed out a lot, so why not have a day a month where they can sign up for a free massage? Not rocket science here, folks!


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