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Check Issuing, We Got Your Check Security. (warning, bragging post inside)

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Check Issuing has become a staple for companies that want to improve the flow of their check disbursement departments. An impressive list of clients are using our suite of services and we’ve got nothing but rave reviews. Not trying to brag….just actually bragging! Why not brag when you’ve achieved so darn much? Nothing wrong with a little pat on the back.

We’ve created a product that not only disburses checks on your company’s behalf for below competitive pricing, but we’ve also increased companies ability to brand their products. We make it easy to place your brand on your checks which increases the professional look of your company in general, as well as brand your product. We make it easy to disseminate memorandums, product updates and even Holiday messages to your clientele. What more can we do here?

Well, there is a lot more. We can be the nicest people on earth. That’s right, we are so nice, we hear about it all the time. Our client services is not only professional, but incredibly warm and nice. We want you as a customer. We solve problems if there are any. We answer questions. We are happy to do all of that and more. Our goal is for you to be happy and stay with us for the long term. Our business is based off of having long term business, not short term price gouging with shoddy service and poor customer service. We believe in the happy client. And we want you to believe in us.

Oh yeah, the subject: Well, we are a leader in check fraud protection. Our envelopes are more secure than the Pentagon and our checks are secured by each bank they are presented to (yep, pretty awesome, I know).

So hey, what’s a little bragging between friends? Call us today and brag about something, we’d be happy to hear it!

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