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Do You Need A Financial Therapist? (you might be surprised)

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Handling finances is a tough juggling act for most people. Increasing debt rates and foreclosures and higher unemployment rates have added  layer of complexity to the issue that most people find to be overwhelming, to say the least.

But how the heck do you know if you need a financial therapist to help you out? Well let’s have a look.

1) Are You Always Stressed About Money?

Are you up at night thinking about money? Do you day dream about money stresses? Are you always talking about money issues to your friends or family ad nauseam? Then you may need to seek some help.

2) Do You Skip Necessary Purchases?

I’m going to assume you need toilet paper and eggs. If you aren’t buying things you need because you are trying to be cheap, that’s bad. Not buying a new car or new shoes, that’s good, but having a house without toilet paper, that’s bad. There are things you must spend money on and if you aren’t, you may have an issue.

3) Is Your Checking Account Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

You should always have disposable cash and some savings put back. If you don’t, well yeah, you guessed it, you may just have a problem.

4) When You Have Extra Money, Do You Almost Always Spend It?

This is probably the worst thing you can do. This means that spending is an addiction for you. And that’s really bad because it can crippled your ability to ever get ahead. It would be a great idea to seek out some help for this behavior because solving it could literally change your life!


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