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Check Issuing as a Branding Tool

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Wait, check issuing as branding tool? What are we, some sort of advertising agency? Well, not exactly, but we do “get it.” That is to say, we understand that our tool provides the opportunity for your business to spread it’s name and messaging around.

We Allow You To Brand Your Checks

Ever get a check from a company and the check looks like it came from a 17 year old’s bank account? The name of the bank is there and you can tell they signed it themselves. Personal? Sure. Professional? No way. Professional checks have the company’s core logo on them.

You are more likely to trust checks which have the company logo on them. It is a more formal way to deliver funds to a client or service provider or customer. You always want to seem formal and professional when it comes to money.

You are paying someone, so when you brand your checks, you associate the idea of “receiving money” with your logo. Who isn’t happy when they receive money? The answer: no one.

We Allow You To Spread Memorandums

Got something to say? Of course you do, all companies have things to say to customers and clients. And of course, you will do so via emails, text and well, maybe even…wait for it…phone calls! All of these are some of your best options, of course. But have you considered that many people delete emails and reject phone calls? Of course you have. But how many people do you know who throw away envelopes housing checks? None. No one would ever do that. In fact, you are more likely to get a message through to people who are receiving a check from you.

So in the end, maybe we are a big ad agency like Mad Men! Ok, that’s going to far, but we are the best third party check disbursement company around! Call us today!


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