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Check Issuing Tips and Tricks to Improve Public Relations

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Public Relations. And often misunderstood function of a small business. The term “Public Relations” all too often most easily identifies itself with mega-companies. AT&T has Public Relations, but a small company? Nah, they have someone who updates their social media and liaisons with the public. At least, that’s the perspective. And while this post isn’t trying to encourage a small business to suddenly hire a $200k a year Public Relations director, it is saying that maybe there is a middle ground between the lackadaisical approach and the expensive one.

Check Issuing has public relations. We have our Facebook page, we have this blog, we have client relations. All of that IS public relations when it is all said and done. When our clients call in and speak with our client services department, we want the clients to have the absolute best experience possible: hence, the public relations attribute.

So how does one change their perspective?

Wash on, wash off….

Hey, seriously! If Mr. Miyagi taught us anything, it was to keep things simple and pay attention to the core details. What are your core details? Your Facebook page, your Twitter, your Customer Service. If you just let them run renegade, you set yourself of for failure and disappointment. What happens when a Customer Service representative says something offensive to your customers? It’s not the reps fault, its yours. What happens when a bad Facebook post goes out and upsets people or inaccurately describes your company’s views? Your fault. Why? Because you didn’t set expectations, you didn’t design a company motto, you didn’t work with the person who’s job it is to engage your customers.

Clarity is the key to success when it comes to public relations. If those on the front lines have no clarity on your perspective, then they are set up for failure. The simple step of extending clarity can resolve tons of problems and issues in the field of communication before they ever become, well, problems. This doesn’t mean micromanage, it means communicate expectations.

Not so difficult, huh?

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