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Your Business And The Cloud

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More small businesses than ever are putting their business on the Cloud. What’s “cloud?” Cloud is a term applied to using web services which save and store online, as opposed to on your hard drive. The two most popular cloud services today are Google Drive and iCloud. Google Drive is extraordinarily useful.

So what are the benefits?

They save money. Yep, when you use Google Drive, you might not really even need Microsoft Word or Excel anymore. If you convert your company to Google Drive, everyone can simply create Word or Excel type documents on the Drive.

They increase productivity. When you use Google Drive, you can save documents on the cloud and then edit them among peers. You can give access to co-workers and you can all work on a document at different times, or at the same time.

They Auto-save. This is critical. You don’t “save” documents anymore, instead, they work on version based logic. So you are always saving a new version, but if need be, you can revert back to any old version. This means no more worrying about losing data or saved items. As long as you are connected to the Internet, your work is safe.

They save space. Documents take up space your your computer. But with Cloud services, you no longer have to be concerned with that.

They share easier. No more sending an email, rather, you share the document.

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