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Should Your Business Collect Emails or Social Likes?

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Wait, did someone say “emails?” Are we kidding? Well, Check Issuing never kids my friends. Actually we totally do, but just not over this matter. Yes, email was dying, but here’s the thing: It did not die. In fact, it morphed itself into bigger animal than ever. And now everyone is back in the game.

When you talk about social likes, in most every case you are talking about Facebook. If you visit a business website, you almost always be asked if you’d like to either follow them on Facebook or sign up with your email for a newsletter. It used to be predominantly Facebook, but now the offers have been pretty heavy on email signups.

So why the change?

Email is now back.

Email took some time off. When social media and instant messengers and heck, even texting, came into the picture, people just stopped using email (or so we thought). But once Google figured out how to organize email folders that regular consumers, young and old, could understand, things changed drastically. People started heavily relying on email again. And, the biggest change of all? People starting either not caring about spam, or wanting it, because it was organized perfectly.

The second part is Facebook. A few years ago, Facebook lowered reach on all business pages. When you post a message to your business page followers now, only maybe 10% see the post or content unless you either pay, or the post or content goes viral.

The lowered reach of Facebook incentivized mailing again. Plain and simple, one email user became worth more than one Facebook like.

So its simple, right? Just email? Nah, you should still focus on both, the main point is, email is still strong as ever and it should not be overlooked by any business.

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