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Check Issuing’s Tips For Great Company Summer Outings

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It’s summertime. Love is in the air. Wait, I think I thought I was writing on my personal blog. Sorry about that. Oh heck with it, love is in the air. Who doesn’t love summertime? Even though we aren’t all kids anymore doesn’t mean our summers shouldn’t still be awesome, even at the workplace. And there is nothing wrong with the workplace peppering that summer feeling with some economical summer’ish activities.

Having summer events for the company means more bonding and more people feeling happy about work. The more people who bond and the more people who feel happy, the more productivity goes up. Don’t believe me? Well check this article out on how happy employees are more productive overall.

The best part is that summer activities are the easiest, most economical activities a company can have! Lets take a look at a few of them.

Have a picnic

Picnics are easy and simple. You just need some space at a park, a run to the grocery store and maybe some beer (just depends on how you want things to go). Oh, and you need a nice day, so plan accordingly! Your employees will love being outside and out of the “work environment” for a few hours (if not all afternoon). They will bond and if you allow them to invite family members, they will mingle and learn a lot more about one another. Plus their family members will go home thinking, ‘my husband / wife sure work for a cool company!’

Get your paintball on

Paintball is fun and exciting and allows employees to take out a little aggression on one another. I know, everyone is happy and loves one another at your office, we get it….however, it never hurts to let everyone get a little pent up energy out. Paintball also has a team environment allowing you to compete against other teams in your office or strangers. You have to work together on strategy. Its a load of fun.

Go to the beach

If you don’t have a beach near you, being an ocean or a lake, I’m darn sorry I brought this up. For all others, hey, the beach is a no brainer. Who doesn’t love spending a summer day at the beach?

BBQ at the office

Wait, you mean it could be so simple? If you have a parking lot that allows grills, and you have an employee who loves to grill, you can easily pull this one off! If you want to upgrade, you can hire a cook. Or, you can even pay for a food truck to set up in your parking lot. If you share offices with other companies, prepare to be the envy of the lot!

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