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Weekend Plans. Check Issuing Has a Few Ideas For You.

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It’s the weekend. Time to celebrate another incredibly successful week. Well, at least we all hope it was an incredibly successful week. For many of you in the South East, it appears you are dealing with a tropical storm, so from everyone here at Check Issuing, we hope you stay safe and that it turns out to not be all that big!

Go See Jurassic World

I saw this just the other day. I know, it has been out a while, but in the event you haven’t seen it, you should go. It’s awesome in 3D and the kids will love it. It is great family fun! I expected it to be a bit plot thin, but that wasn’t the case. It was actually a really good movie! Certainly worth the price of admission (pending you sneak your own food in).

I mean doesn’t that look awesome!

Learn to Make Sushi

What? Yes, I’m serious. Do you have any idea how fun and fulfilling making sushi is? If you haven’t tried it, you just have to! Part of the lore of sushi is being served, sure, but imagine how impressed all your friends will be when you invite them over and serve them a tray of sushi handmade by the amazing chef….YOU!

You could get started right here.

Go To Brookstone and Sit In Those Massage Chairs

It’s free. The store clerks may eventually kick you out, but hey, it doesn’t cost you a thing! You won’t be considered the classiest shopper, so long as you don’t care though, your neck and feet will get a really good massage!


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