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The Benefits of Outsourcing Rebate Payments When Offering Incentives

The Benefits of Outsourcing Rebate Payments With Incentives

rebateOne of the best ways to promote a product is with rebates. While it’s true that discounts can increase sales, processing them can be a nightmare. Outsourcing your rebating functions could be the answer for some reasons.

Processing rebates is a time-consuming function that may go on for some time after a promotion has ended. In fact, it could require additional resources that you as a small business owner simply don’t have. Hiring new workers, even on a temporary basis, may not be practical either. Your only option might be to work extended hours processing rebates yourself or spend additional money in the way of overtime to have one of your employees do it.

Since stocking shelves, ordering merchandise and taking care of customers are your top priorities, chances are you won’t think about processing rebates until you have all of these other tasks completed. As such, your clients could easily become disgruntled because they are waiting too long for their rebates. Worse yet, you may completely forget about certain discounts until after the promotional period is over, causing some people to miss out on their savings altogether. This can not only affect future sales but the reputation of your business as well.

You may not want to think about it, but the fact is that some people do attempt to obtain rebates fraudulently. If not trained in some of the common ways this happens, you might not notice instances of fraud and may issue checks to scam artists anyway. On the other hand, companies that regularly deal with rebates can readily recognize instances of fraud and can alert you of problems before you shell out a great amount of money.

You can avoid all these problems and more when you outsource your rebating functions to a reputable company such as checkissuing.com. For more information, please contact us.


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