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Check Issuing’s Tips and Tricks For Improving Your Resume

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In this extremely competitive market, it’s important that your resume be specifically geared toward a particular opportunity. Consider your resume to be your very own advertisement. Ensuring inclusion of the sufficient information to sell your experience and skills will determine how many calls you will receive. Here are a few creative tips and tricks to greatly improve your resume.

Capture the reader with a great first impression:

Use the first section of your resume to show a very clear picture of what you will bring to an employer and the company.  In a simple way, you really want to stir up love at first sight. The headline and the summary should be used to emphasize outstanding successes, expertise and professional experience.

Customize your resume:

Very cut and dry, DO NOT send the same resume to different companies. Customize your resume for each specific position and company. Focus on the targeted areas for that business.

Let your expertise shine:

Decide which areas of interest, experiences and skills you would like to showcase. Note, keep your eye on the prize by focusing on such skill sets that most closely relate to the job you are applying for. Be unique but stay on track. The most important thing is to understand YOUR interests and qualities. Then it is much easier to apply your expertise to the type of company and job you are applying for.

Make your resume readable:

Information on your resume should be easily and quickly readable. Make the changes below. The last thing you want is to have a hiring recruiter toss your resume because they could not read it!

  • Adjust your font and add space. You can expand your resume to two pages if need be.
  • Consolidate job positions and avoid repetitive information.
  • Use one font and attributes (small and capital letter words, italics, character spacing bold,etc.) to differentiate headings and sub-headings.

 Highlight accomplishments:

Showcase your accomplishments. Highlight the value you will bring to a prospective position and company as a whole. Your resume should accentuate the outcomes you have delivered by making them stand out.

So many companies are hiring everyday and most likely you have more than it takes to fulfill one of these sought after jobs. Make sure your resume is up to par. Take a glance at it. If after 15 seconds you are not impressed with your resume, then make changes. Ask friends and family to have a look as well. The more eyes and feedback, the better. Good Luck!


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