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Conquer Your New Promotion

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You have been doing a great job at work, everyone aspires to be just like you one day. You work hard, have respect for everyone in the office, you care about clients. You are basically an All-Star. So what’s next? You wait and wait and finally the day comes. The big boss promotes you and it is everything you have been anxiously and at your very hardest working for. There it is. You have been promoted. Now what? You are not prepared to do what you were already doing AND reign over a department of people. You wanted the promotion but you are not sure how to manage. Well, you are not alone. Most people taking on a management role for the first time have had no training to prepare them. Here at Check Issuing, we want you to find success and here’s how.

Immediately you want to hit the ground running. Meet with your boss or supervisor and clarify what the expectations of the first 30 to 90 days are. Get their perspective on team members; strengths, weaknesses, behavioral issues, conflicts and anything you should be aware of. If you are new, introduce yourself to each and every team member. It may be beneficial for you to have a quick meeting with each of them as well. Now, the tricky part, if you know all of the people, you have to reset the new relationship with each one of them.

As fabulous as the title may be, there is a lot of work and urgency that goes along with managing teams and departments. By far the most important thing to know is exactly what the role is and how it provides. You are the the rock of your team. Get ready to lose precious time solving problems and heading meetings. There is a reason your pay has increased. There is a lot more to do. But if you made it this far, you are ready for the challenge. Prioritize, but never ignore anything or anyone. Sometimes the smallest things can become huge and warrant problems. Another important note is to realize the importance of every single person. Each individual brings something to the table. Know who does what and check in regularly. When issues arise, both good and bad, you will have the ability to bring someone up to speed.

You are an important asset to the company, you always have been, but now there are others depending on you. Be prepared and get involved. There is no better manager than one who can roll up his or her sleeves and get their hands dirty. Congratulations!

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