How To Write Better Emails

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Like many of us, you probably do not think that you need help in this department. Most likely you do. Email has been around for a long time and is still the most popular form of communication in business. Guess what else? Very few of us know how to send a good email message. Most of us are drowning in emails daily. The outcome is that we end up ignoring a large portion of these messages. Keep yourself from the bad message category by keeping in mind these very simple rules.

Keep it quick and snappy

keep your word count low. Here is a great example: Receiving an email with nothing but a question mark followed by a forward. I’ve stopped in my tracks to respond to those types of emails. This does not mean to send only emails with punctuation in them. It means to be quick and clear. Try to keep your emails under 150 words. Sending back up is no problem, it is what you are communicating that must be cut and dry.

Be Direct

Get to the point. Delete adjectives and adverbs. It is unnecessary to add words that make your emails so lengthy. If you are unable to Keep your email short, then include a brief summary at the very top indicating the action that is required. Again, be direct.

Reply Quickly

A speedy response is very important. As we all are aware, email capabilities are on phones these days. Sure, there are some folks who are not constantly scrolling through their phones, but they are not necessarily doing business. If you are making deals and a question goes unanswered for several hours, then that deal might disappear. You can rub some people the wrong way by slowly responding (*This is dependent on the urgency of the request).

Proof Before Sending

Read it over. This won’t be as annoying if you keep it short in the first place. At the very least you will catch a spelling error or typo. You might even realize that the email is hard to understand. Now, go ahead and read it again.

Add Email Address Last

Ever send an email too soon? Or perhaps to the wrong ‘Joe’? It happens, people, it sure does happen. Save yourself from unwanted stress by following this last simple rule. Add the email address at the very end. This gives you a moment or two to be sure it is the right person, their correct email (if they have multiples) and a completed message. No one wants to send half of a sentence!






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