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5 Tips For Email Best Practices

Email campaignsEmail. Remember when that died a few years ago? Well, it is back. And I mean, it is really back. More small businesses are relying on email than ever. And a lot of that has to do with Gmail. When mail was becoming a dinosaur, Gmail relaunched their email service to include easy navigation between real people emailing you, company promotions, and website updates.

The effect was a cleaner, simpler, easier to navigate email box. You no longer risked missing grandma’s email, and at the same time, you could always find a promo from Macys. People began reading newsletters and promos again, as opposed to when spam was so heavy they auto-deleted everything. Gmail gave businesses new found life.

Here are a handful of tips to help you improve your email communications with clients and customers.

 Great subject lines

Your email will live and die by the subject. If your subject is no good, your email will never be opened; which means its contents will never be seen. You need to get that email opened, so your subject should be on point.

First, make sure the subject is accurate. Don’t lie or deceive just to get people to open, they will report your mailer and ISP’s will stop allowing your mailer to pass through. Instead, focus on an accurate but catchy email. Here is a good start for learning more about subjects.

Great sub-headlines

The sub-headline is the headline that is usually first in the email. Many email systems display a bit from the first part of the email. So not only do people see the subject, but they see the sub-headline as well. Make sure you test that, draw them in. In other words, don’t just put anything, actually try here. Be succinct yet enticing.

Consistency with sending

You want to send consistently so people get used to your mailer. You don’t want to collect emails for a year, then out of the blue hit them with a “daily” newsletter. People might not remember where the heck they signed up and they may delete you quickly. You want to make sure they are familiar to you.

If the situation arises whereas you need to mail a list that’s been cold, make sure you put inside the mailer where the person signed up. They may remember and not delete you.

Easy to opt out

Hugely important. You don’t want to send mailers that people can’t opt out of. If you want, sign up for Mail Chimp or Constant Contact as email list managers and they can ensure all the necessary info is there.

Content that makes them want to stay

At the end of the day, don’t mail to just mail. Think about what you are sending. Is it interesting? Enticing? The content of the email is important. What does it offer the person? Are they getting a deal? Learning something?

Being aware of these simple items can make all the difference when it comes to running profitable email campaigns for your small business.

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