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Check Issuing’s Tips For The Best Productivity

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Don’t you feel  like you are always on the go and the demands you are faced with can be overwhelming? Of course you do! This is the life of a busy bee and the successful story behind it. It’s like your brain is always buzzing with something that MUST get done, not to mention thoughts all over the place. How about when you finally rest your head on the pillow at night and boom! Ideas, ideas and more ideas. This is all fine and good, but how do we make sure that we are actually staying on schedule and using our time as productively as possible? Being busy does not always mean being productive. We want to share with you some steps to reach your best and to maximize your productivity.

Fresh AM Air

Get up and get out. We all love to sleep but by waking up a earlier and getting some exercise, you are preparing your brain for what’s ahead. Get intellectual and creative juices flowing by stretching those limbs out. There is absolutely no excuse here. Take a walk if you don’t like to workout. Trust us, this really helps to create a clear mind and produces more energy for you and your day.

Prep The Night Before

At the end of the day, before you head home, take a good look at the following day. You will be steps ahead in the morning if you have a solid plan for the day. Know your meetings in advance. Is there anything that can quickly be done beforehand so you can focus on the meeting itself? If so, get on it. You will only help yourself, and your business. You won’t feel so rushed.

Me Hour

It is very important to have at least one to two hours a day that you are not disturbed. This is the hour or two that you can mentally prepare to focus on any problems and/or big deals that need your attention. I do this everyday and honestly it is the only time of day that I can truly focus and complete certain tasks. With technology today, we are constantly interrupted by skype, texts, emails, phone calls etc. Give yourself this one or two hours to really zone in on getting stuff done and without the distractions!

Don’t Forget To Fuel Your Body

Hey, your car would not drive anymore if you didn’t fill it with gas. Your body is just the same. Don’t forget to eat. Even if it is at your desk. It is so important to eat regular meals and snacks as well. Let’s not forget to pick healthy options too. It is not any harder to eat healthy. You don’t want to crash out at a time that you should be on top of things. When you starve your body, you starve your business and everyone involved.

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