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Early Bird Gets The Worm, The Check, The Happiness And More!

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Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. You’ be surprised by just how much you can accomplish in the wee hours of the morning. I love the morning. Let me clarify, I love the part of the early morning when nobody else is awake yet. It is like this precious piece of time that is all mine. I can think more clearly and nobody is asking me for anything…YET. Look, you are not going to automatically be more successful if you simply wake up early, it is about what you do with that time and how you prioritize. But I will tell you this, you will be much more leveled an hour earlier in the morning than you will be trying to figure something out after a long day at work or in the dark of the night. Jump start this fine New Year with these early bird tips.

Get Up Early

Get up, get up, get up! If you wake up at least one hour earlier than usual, you can slowly but surely creep (in a good way) into your day. This allows you the additional time to surf the web, maybe even read and learn something new. Then take a look at your day and how you want to accomplish everything. Make a plan and take some notes to follow so you can stay on track throughout the day.

Eat Healthy

It really can be the most important meal of the day. Eat breakfast and a healthy one at that. Then eat healthy for the rest of the day. If you start off eating bad in the mornings, there is no turning back that day. I know once I have sweets or something I should not, I just want more and more all day. Remember loads of sugar will make you crash, which is the worst during a full day. There are so many healthy proteins, good fats and complex carbs that can start your day off with a bang. Eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, avocados are just to name a few good options.

Work Out

Exercising is so important, not just to look healthy, but to feel healthy as well. If you exercise in the morning, you are basically jump starting your day. You wake up your brain and your body and will have an insane amount of energy. Not to mention the amount of stress you can reduce right off the bat by just moving your body around first thing. You don’t have to have a trainer or belong to a gym either. There are tons of stretches and routines that can be done in about 20 – 25 mins that will make a huge difference. If weather permits, get outside and take a walk or go for a run. Nothing like some good tunes and a brisk walk/run to clear the mind of any negativity.

Educate Yourself

Bet you’ve never heard of successful people that don’t continue to learn. Maybe some don’t continue to learn in institutions but they are most certainly reading, researching and listening to anything that can help them and their business to grow.

If you just wake up one hour earlier and try some of these tips, you will reach higher than ever before. It doesn’t stink that bad to be up in the morning. Especially if it is before everyone else is awake. Then it is YOUR morning, Your time. Happy, healthy and wealthy 2016 from all of us at Check Issuing.

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