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Let’s Talk About Your Passwords

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Don’t actually share your password(s) with anybody. We just really think it is time to face the facts. You are at risk of having somebody hack into your information. Even worse than someone hacking your facebook and spamming your friends about weight loss products, is the awful chance of your bank information or credit card accounts getting wiped. It happens again and again and a lot of this is because of weak passwords. You are not invisible, it can just as easily happen to you. So, why not protect yourself by changing passwords and making them stronger? I know, it is much easier to remember a numeric sequence or your boyfriend’s name. Sadly it is much easier for a thief to remember a numeric sequence or figure out a loved ones name too. Some other popular passwords have been names of movie characters and sports. These are also bad to use as passwords.

It’s best to make all of your passwords different. If at all possible use a password generator and manager. They are incredibly helpful and user-friendly. But user-friendly for you and nobody else. There have been so many cyber attacks and data breaches in the recent years. We should all learn from this. Your information should not be spilled out for the world to see. It is YOUR information. So take care of it and often check your accounts. In addition, if any of your accounts offer 2-step authentication; use this and do it immediately. At the very least you are making if close to impossible for somebody to log into an account if they do not have access to not only your password, but your mobile phone as well.

There is nothing worst than having somebody steal from you, no matter if it is money or information. Either way, it is yours and should be well protected. Do not make it easy for your personal information to be stolen just because you are comfortable with the passwords you already have. Use strong and impossible to guess passwords. The sooner you make these changes, the better off you are.

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