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Quick Tips To Grow Your Email List

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Email marketing has been making a huge comeback as of late. It never really went away, but people were not focusing on it as much. Welcome back email! First and foremost, do yourself a favor and if your company does not market through emails, then get started. If you do email marketing, then great! Either way, let’s take a run through some quick tips to not only grow your list of emails, but to keep subscribers happy as well. This is very important! You want to have a lively list of people who actually open and click through emails.

An Easy To Find Email Subscription

Without being totally annoying, place email subscriptions on your business website. Make them easy to find. Most likely if somebody is surfing around on your site and  eager to learn more, they will sign up. Again make it easy to find and please try to make it a simple sign up. Don’t ask people for too much information. Nobody wants to give our their phone number and address.

Special Offers & Free Stuff

Try to occasionally toss in a handout. We all love to get stuff…especially at cheaper rates and even more so when it is free! What you really need to know is who is your audience? What do they want more of? This is what is going to define your email marketing as a whole and help to produce some really fantastic email campaigns.

Social Comments

People tend to be scared of this one because it can go either way. Your audience can love you but they can be very angry with you as well. But the more people are talking about you, the more people are seeing you in their eye line. The point here is to allow social comments and social shares in your emails. If people see something great they will very likely talk about it and share it all over their social media. What does this do? It creates a much bigger audience and reach for you. Hey, if the random person says something not so great, you at least can solve the problem by replying to their comment. Social media is huge and can strengthen your list greatly.

With these quick tips, you will see some results. With a healthier sized list comes more ways to market…which soon leads to higher revenue. You can only win!

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