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Best Secrets For Incredible Customer Service

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Let’s focus on the number one way to grow, gain customers and keep returning clients. Customer service is crucial. You definitely want to be great in this department. One slip up or bad attitude and it is off to social media to write a bad review. Take pride in your product and brand. Handle customers with care. Here are the best secrets for fantastic customer service.

Think Of It As If You Were The Customer

Look, I know how this goes. I’ve been on both sides. What is most important is that you understand what the customer is feeling. We might deal with tons of customers in one single day, but they are relying on us to think of them individually. It’s frustrating to not receive something on time, or get what was promised. Of course it might not be anyone’s fault, mistakes happen, but you have to find ways to rectify the issue and make it right. Don’t allow things to fester…this just makes people angry.

Make Your Customer Number 1

Make every customer and client exchange the most important. Motivate employees to provide amazing customer service and train them to think on the fly. This is life, and crappy things happen. So provide the right training tools to solve problems and keep clientele happy. Remember every encounter is a form of customer service.

Take Responsibility

This one is tough and takes a real man or woman! Own up if you make a mistake. Teach your employees to own up to their mistakes as well. Don’t make up excuses. The longer the customer is unhappy, the longer and more dreadful the event will be. And most likely you will not have a returning customer and once again, a bad review will be online. Take responsibility, apologize and solve the problem.

Reach For The Stars

Reach for the stars while staying real folks. Don’t commit to a deal that cannot possibly be delivered by the tight deadline you are giving yourself. Be realistic. Focus on the clients needs and what their key aspects are. Assume there will be common delays and when you come up with a better service (and faster than you promised), you will have a very happy customer.

Be Calm

We all get upset. It happens and sometimes for legit reasons. So of course customers will get upset from time to time and you will feel attacked. The best and only solution to this is to be calm and collect. There is nothing worse than getting defensive and angry in return. Learn to listen. Once you calmly listen to the customer, try to fix the problem and be sure to make it known that you understand why they are frustrated.


Don’t forget that time is of the essence here. Every customers situation is time-sensitive. Be responsive and as much as possible. Even if you do not have the issue solved right then, send an email or return the call to say that you are working as fast possible to handle the situation at hand.


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