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Friday Tips For Finances

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I know, I know! It’s almost the weekend and none of you want to think about finances. Well tough! It’s a great time to be practical about our finances. Take a look at our Friday financial tips. Oh, and you can thank us for the fabulous tips later!

Spend With Caution

The weekends are really tough. You want to go out, you want to stop for coffee rather than drink what you have at home and you want to see friends or take the kids somewhere. That’s all fine, but you’d do a lot better if you had a plan and a budget. Having a plan and creating a budget helps you see the bigger picture, rather than allowing yourself to just float around in space. And that’s the key. When you have structure, you tend to have goals. It will allow you to make practical choices and cut out the things you don’t really need to spend on yet leave the things you cherish the most.

Throw Some Money At Debt

Debt is an evil ghost haunting your old house and the only Ghostbusters you have available to call are located in your wallet. Paying down debt means less interest, more open credit (which boosts credit) and of course, less stress. In the long run, paying down debt is one of the biggest savers! Trust us on this one.

Start An Emergency Fund

Don’t let a period of job loss downtime or a meltdown from your car be the straw that broke the camel’s back. You shouldn’t feel so lost when you get hit with a massive bill. It sucks to throw money at an unexpected expense (if you have extra money or not), but it is much easier to make it through if you have an emergency savings. Buy yourself some time by saving a little now. A little now could mean a lot later!

Create A Retirement Fund

Investing in your retirement doesn’t mean conceding to the idea that you’ll grow old one day. It means being responsible. Plus anyways, you’re going to be old one day, so go with it! You might as well have some dough put aside so you can kick back and enjoy life. It’s never too late!


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