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Reasons To Switch To A Third Party Check Disbursement Company

excited photo3 Good Reasons A Third Party Check Disbursement Company works: So, you’ve decided that it is finally time to switch your company over to a third-party check disbursement company. You’ve come to the right place and you’ve found Check Issuing. Most likely you have heard from other clients how amazing and awesome and sensible we are to use!

Now, you want to make a big change to the way your accounting handles mailing out checks and here’s why!


You want to prevent check fraud. And you must know that Check Issuing has the most modern check fraud prevention technology around. Don’t you think that you would sleep better knowing that your checks are secured? Check fraud is a huge industry and it isn’t going away anytime soon. So get on board!


You want to make your checks appear more professional. And you know that Check Issuing can print your company’s brand right on the check. This is money we are talking about. This is your company we are talking about. It must look professional. Brand your product. You wouldn’t show up to a formal event wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops, would you? Let Check Issuing help with this. Maybe not your wardrobe, but your check disbursement for sure!


You want to communicate messages and ideas and new products to your current client base. And you know that Check Issuing can include memorandums and messaging inside your check’s envelopes. This is prime real estate and if you aren’t using it you are losing it (sorry for the metaphor, but its true!).

How could you know about all of this? Oh wait, you are here, so you do. Do you also want amazing one-on-one client services? You got it! Simply fill out our contact form and I guarantee one of our highly trained client service representatives will be right with you. Reorganizing and saving money on your accounting department is hugely advantageous!


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