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Check Issuing’s Tips to Improve your March Madness Office Brackets

basketball photoMarch Madness has arrived. And even if you don’t enjoy college basketball, filling out a bracket could be really fun (and maybe you’d win a prize!). If your company doesn’t have an office bracket, that’s deplorable. Actually, that’s OK, but maybe you don’t have one because you don’t realize how incredibly fun it can be. Or how simple and easy it is to create.

You can create your office’s private bracket at Yahoo! Sports. Click here

If you already have an office bracket going and just want to increase your odds on winning, allow me to help.

  1. Don’t pick cinderella’s to make it to the Final Four. It is so unlikely that you’d ever be right about this. The odds are so unfavorable that you might as well go and buy a lottery ticket. Look, a cinderella team may make it, but the odds are, no one else has them either. So in that way, the playing field is even. All the people who choose to play luck will likely be eliminated, increasing your odds of winning the whole thing.
  2. Pick only 1s and 2s in the Final Four. This is a small office bracket, you aren’t competing with the entire Internet so no need to get cute here. 1s and 2s almost always make it to the Final Four. In the end, the winner of the office bracket typically is the one who has the ultimate tournament winner, not the person who rode Knitting State University to the Final Four. If you choose 1s and 2s in your Final Four and then a winner, you got decent odds to win.
  3. Check Vegas rankings and odds. They have a lot to lose. They don’t make cute picks for the reason that they simply don’t pay off enough.
  4. Don’t pick your favorite team unless your favorite team is Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Virginia or some other highly ranked team. Fanning out is for your Facebook, you want to win the office pool.

Oh, and enjoy it!


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