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Why Check Writing Is Better Done By A Third Party!

check writingWriting checks never feels great. I am just being honest here, my friends. Spending money isn’t something high on anyone’s priority list, even though spending money is super indicative of either getting something new and shiny or investing in something which can yield a financial return, it still sucks. But you know what sucks even more than just seeing a checkmark in the deduction column? Actually writing a check! How absurd does that sound? Very: but the simple fact is that it’s true.

Writing checks takes time and can leave your company exposed to the potential of fraud. That’s where Check Issuing comes into play. We handle the writing and decimating of the checks, you run your business. We take care of fraud protection so you don’t have to worry about how to improve envelopes. We’ve already tapped into the banking system so that checks we send on your behalf are scanned at the bank level for fraud.

We take the weight off the shoulders of your accounting department. Your accounting department needs to be focused on taxes, or the amounts spend on utility bills or alerting you to how much Jim or Jane spent at Chilis while they were away on the business trip last month in Houston. I love Chilis, so I can quickly see how having a corporate Amex in that place could pose an issue. I’d seriously abuse a corporate card in that place. But I digress back to the fact that Check Issuing can save the day for your accounting department, protect your company from check fraud, and save you time and money. Check Issuing is like the really nice gift in the stocking, you maybe didn’t expect us and that makes us all the more exciting to pull out.

We also can customize your checks. When I say “customize,” I don’t mean it in a lame way like when your neighbor lowered his truck due to having a mid-life crisis. I more mean customize, such as put your company’s logo on them to help increase your brand’s awareness. When your checks have your logo on them, your clients will perceive your company as more professional. And hey, having your brand being associated with someone receiving money is never a bad thing. People are just happy when they are cashing a check, so why not be there during their moment of elation?

Why don’t you contact us right now? Let’s have a chat. We’d love to hear about your business. You don’t even have to use us, you can just call us up to tell us about your business. We love making new friends.
Call Us at 1.866.535.3954 and find out why check writing is better for a third party!

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