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The Art of Sales in Business (4 things every sales department should know)

sales photoSales. Man don’t they suck? Speaking honestly here, very few people have any adoration at all for sales; the ones who do are probably rich. Sales people either think sales are too easy (they underestimate what it takes to sell anything therefore not honing their craft) or they over complicate it (they try too many scripted adventures).


The Art of Sales in Business


The Art of Sales in Business -a lot of people seem to think that salesmen are sleazy or something like that but the fact is businesses can’t…

Without sales, most businesses would be completely dead. Sales are part of almost any business model imaginable, whether that is selling from business to customer or from business to other businesses, sales are a required wing of the company. So it would make sense to assert that if your sales pitches and sales agents are bad, the company is, well, … it could be a bit better.

So then, how does one make it better when it comes to the dreaded “sales” word?

Be convinced the product is good. If you are managing sales agents, they need to like your product. I know that there are some great sales people out there who can just sell anything, but the fact is, sales are always improved when people are enthusiastic about selling the product. If you are selling hosting, consider giving hosting at an extreme discount or even free to sales agents. That will certainly paint your product in a good light with your reps. Speak enthusiastically of the product, not just in a sales related vernacular.

Learn to dissipate fear and relieve uncertainty. People don’t buy things often times because they are afraid or uncertain; so begin by focusing on those aspects. Sit down with sales reps and go over all the reasons for which a potential sale would decline the offer and then fix those reasons. It isn’t rocket science, it is simply reverse engineering. You already know why they’d want it, what you need to know (and correct) is why they wouldn’t want it.

Always be aware of who your client is. Be detailed in your knowledge of your client’s business model, the history of the business, who the partners are, and their philosophy. Know the service or product. Maybe even buy or order the product or service. You want to go in intimately involved. Not only will this help you sell, it will help you win them over. They will be excited that you seem as passionate about their business and they are.

Never talk past the deal. This is last on my list, but man is it important: stop talking about the deal once you’ve closed the deal. Continuing to talk about closed deals just keeps the door open for potential changes and honestly, even rejections. The deal is done, stick a fork in it and move on.

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