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Check Issuing Wants You To Feel Good Today (tips)

walking photoSomeone actually wrote an article about “feeling good.” This person should be fired as a writer. Immediately. Wait, no, let’s not do that, because I’m the writer and I like my job. The fact is, feeling good isn’t really as easy as everyone thinks it is. I’ve read a lot into the matter and you’d be surprised at how a few simple changes could help your mood go a long ways.

Stop Being Bitter

Jealousy, Envy, these emotions will get you know where. BUT, it is important to understand that they are natural human emotions that don’t just hide away because you ask them to do so. If you want to stop being bitter, start realizing when you start feeling bitter and immediately think of things you feel grateful for. Train your brain, folks. Once you are able to stop the bitter train from leaving the station (at least too far), you are able to move on and replace a negative with a positive. Easy, right? It takes practice.

Help Others

You don’t have to show up at the soup kitchen to help others (though we think that’s a wonderful gesture). Even just helping others by asking them about themselves and making them feel like they have a friend is enough. Maybe help someone on Facebook who is asking for advice. The type of help isn’t relevant, just that you are doing something that isn’t just for you.

Eat Healthy (even if just for the weekend)

I feel like people just abandoned this blog en masse. But the truth is, eating a healthy diet can cause you to feel really mentally good. It just makes sense. Diets have in Omega 3 (brain food), such as fish and Flaxseed oils, can help your brain by giving it some happy fuel. Everyone wants happy fuel. Plus you may lose a little weight.

Take Walks

If you sit at a desk all day, your body is probably pretty ticked off. Don’t allow your body to become too sedentary. Your body was built to move and even just a little walking can help. Take a walk around the building a couple of times a day. You will be surprised by how much a little outside air will help you feel better.

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