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Check Issuing’s Things To Do This Weekend!

weekend photoThis is my ultimate guide to having weekend fun. Wait, most of us have kids, so our weekends might already be mapped out for us (I’ll take that into account).


Netflix. Has anyone seen that show, “Love?” Maybe you have passed it by while clicking through your options? I know I did. I even read the description a few times and didn’t find it appealing. Boy, was I wrong. The show is great. It’s just for adults, so if you have kids, maybe seal them off in the other room or watch after they go to bed. I was hooked and already finished it. So if your Netflix show lineup is running thin, I’d choose Love.

Go to the Lake (if you can). As a kid, I used to love going to the lake. Spring weather can offer some perfect opportunities, pending it isn’t storming in your area (stay safe if it is). The lake offers us an ability to experience the outdoors and feel a bit removed without actually being “too” removed. If you can swim, that’s a plus (I’m kidding, you need to be able to swim at the lake folks!).

Dump the phone. Look, I know that we rely on phones, particularly in the event that an emergency comes up. If you mother is sick, you need your phone. But try to get some separation from these devices which tend to hook us. Taking a break from technology is a great way to rest your brain. The entire reason you need a weekend is partially due to technology’s enslavement of us. It is OK to take a break, folks.

Write. Paint. Art. Just do something that’s a little more creative. If you love writing, take some time and create a short story or write about your own life experiences. Start that novel you’ve been talking about.

Most of all, enjoy your weekend. Spend time with family, friends and loved ones. You deserve the break!


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