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Promote Your Product With Email Campaigns (How To)

email photoRemember when email died? I believe that was around 2008. And it stayed dead for a couple of years. The articles professing emails desperate future were rampant online. I used to spit on my email when I’d open it just for sake of consistency. It made me feel better.

But then something miraculous happened: Email came roaring back. It was, as Phil Collins has professed in his famous ballad, “Against All Odds.” When snail mail died it just died. It hasn’t returned unless you could use all those crappy, useless Chinese restaurant ads.

Part of the reason email came back so strong is that Gmail figured out how to apply labeling to inboxes and inherently (and intelligently) deal with massive spam. Spam, in some respects, became legitimate offers for people looking for unique offers and discounts.

The point is, your business most likely should be running email campaigns.

To start, you need to collect emails. Without emails, you are emailing no one. And “no one” isn’t super profitable. Collecting emails isn’t difficult, but it does take a little time and effort. One should always consider giving something free away in exchange for an email address. It could be as easy as a short, free ebook regarding your business sector or as complex as a free shirt (that’s gonna cost). You can also just ask for the email and promise the consumer lots of amazing updates.

When you email, you want to make sure you use a great subject line. You don’t want to keep pounding out unoriginal template sounding mailers.

“Checkissuing’s Weekly Articles” sounds a lot better as “This week, learn to email customers better.” I mean, which is more enticing to you?

Don’t over mail them, but, don’t let the list go cold. You don’t want to collect emails for a year and then email them for the first time. Many people may not even know why they signed up, in these cases, they will just mark you as spam and delete you.

Don’t be overly aggressive with images. Text is still our best way of communication. It doesn’t mean don’t use images at all, it just means consider the user’s load times and the fact that many people have image loading shut off in their email.

Emailing is back. Join the party.


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