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Why Check Disbursement Matters (A Lot)

professional photoWriting checks isn’t something we think of in a glorified fashion. When most of us think of check writing, we think of the little old lady in the grocery store holding up the express line writing one. All we can think is, why doesn’t her bank give her a debit card? They probably did, but the little old lady just loves her checks. You don’t have to love checks the same way she does in order to understand the importance of them to your company, though.

Checks aren’t dying. They aren’t prehistoric. And they aren’t just a weapon for mass destruction of grocery store lines. They widely used, super professional, stable and relevant ways to pay for things. We pay rent, utilities, contractors, our tax people, all with checks. But we often forget just how important and relevant that checks are.

Your company has to write checks, so overlooking their value serves you poorly. First and foremost, not taking checks seriously can lead to check fraud, one of the most widely committed types of crimes in the world. Criminals know that checks are relevant, viable forms of payment for businesses around the world (they are literally banking on it). When you handle checks yourself because you feel that they aren’t a “big deal,” you are taking a huge risk. When you allow Check Issuing to handle your check writing service, you protect yourself from fraud. Our checks are verified at the bank level to prevent fraud. Our envelopes can’t be seen through. Check Issuing has your business covered and for a nominal fee.

The little old lady loves her checks because she is able to get them in a pretty lavender color with stars. Maybe your business should share her sentiment? I’m not saying you should “pretty up your checks,” but I am saying you should consider making them look professional. Remember, checks are money and money should be sealed in the confines of a professional vessel, for lack of a better word. Check Issuing allows you to brand your checks with your company’s logo. While it might seem like such a small item, it actually plays out in a rather large way. Having your brand on your company’s checks separates your company from the small fish. It conveys a message of success to clients. And with Check Issuing, it is a simple, easy part of our service that we do for no extra charge.

Check Issuing can also insert or disseminate memorandums and messaging to your check receivers. Nothing like delivering company news alongside money, right? I couldn’t think of a better time.

Outsourcing portions of your company make sense. It allows you to focus on the clients, the products and the services that made you who you are today. It protects you from suffering any preventable losses due to check fraud. It cleans up your brand.

Thanks for reading our pitch 🙂

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