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How Check Issuing Can Help You

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Check Issuing is here to help. No, I mean it, that’s really what we do: help small business, like yours, continue to thrive. I’m not saying we are sitting on our throne of greatness as a core competency of your business which will lead you down the path of eternal success.

Not at all…

Instead, I am saying that when you use a verified check writing service, such as Check Issuing, you free up time for the things that really matter in your business. You don’t hassle with things which a third-party check disbursement company, such as ours, can provide at a safer, higher quality, more affordable rate.

So what can we do?

We have the ability to protect your business from check fraud. Check fraud cost our country billions of dollars every year. Most people and businesses which fall victim to check fraud do so only because they never paid attention to the risks. Check fraud is highly lucrative for criminals, hence, why they keep coming back for more. It’s also one of the easier thefts for these criminals. When you use Check Issuing, we make sure your checks go out in the most secure envelopes on earth. We also have logic which assures that bank tellers can verify that your checks aren’t in a criminals hands when they present at the bank. This also leads to more sleep for you!

We can brand your checks with your company’s logo. Checks should look professional. Whoever you pay should know that your company is top-notch. Having a brandless check wreaks of unprofessional. Put your company’s logo on your check cleanly and easily using our service. When someone opens an envelope with your check in it, let it be a reminder to them that your company is bad to the bone!

We allow your company to send out memorandums, communications, pamphlets (I have a thousand other words for this, but I’ll spare you). Think of all the times you want to communicate thoughts, events, changes and updates and new deals to your customers and clients, but they refused to open emails and never answered the phone! You can be 100 percent certain that they will open a check with their name on it. Setting this up with Check Issuing is easy as pie!

You have choices. We know this. Our business is based on long term relationships (see our reviews)! Give us a call today and let’s talk.

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