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Check Issuing: Check Writing And Mailing Services Made Simple & Easy

Check Writing And Mailing Services Made Simple & Easy

Check Writing And Mailing Services Made Simple & Easy

It’s Friday. Have you had your coffee yet? It not, maybe you should go back and get it before diving in.

This is me without my coffee.

Not good, right? Oh how I love that scene.

Check Issuing is a check writing service which, by simply and easy means, plugs right into your business’s accounting setup. We reliably send out checks for you, on your behalf, safely and securely. We prevent check fraud by using the most secure envelopes and a bank verification process. Maybe you already know that?

So what else do we do?

We can brand your checks. You aren’t writing checks from your personal accounts, so your clients and customers and vendors who receive your checks should not get that impression. Your checks should look professional and sharp. At Check Issuing, we allow you to simplistically integrate your company’s logo onto your check. Vanity, some might say, branding, others might say; we’d just say it is professional. Checks represent the financial sector and people typically look for financial aspects in businesses to be professional.

In addition, this is an extra branding layer. Why not have people associate receiving money with your brand? Nothing like receiving money and thinking about your business. Receiving money is fun and awesome. Seriously, send me money and watch me get super excited. It happens every time!

We can also help your business disseminate information. Do you have trouble getting people to open emails? You know a great open rate for emails is roughly 30%. That means 70% of people never read your email communications. Email is great, believe me, but it simply doesn’t get through to everyone. You know what does get through to everyone? Envelopes with money in them. Those have an open rate of about 100%. So wouldn’t it make sense to put memorandums, communications, social media invites, achievements, discounts and updates on your latest innovations inside of there? That means every person who gets a check will see your messaging. You don’t even have to wonder.

Doing more is what we do. Check Issuing doesn’t settle for just the basics, we take advantage of every semblance of opportunity that could make your business a little bit better. We believe in opportunity.

Give us a call today, let’s get to know each other. We’d love to hear a little bit more about your business.

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