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How To Choose a Third-Party Check Writing Service

How To Choose a Third-Party Check Writing Service

How To Choose a Third-Party Check Writing ServiceWhen choosing a third-party check writing service, you should always take into account several factors:

Does the check service provide ultra secure checks? Listen, bank and check fraud are still very real threats. While many people tend to understate check fraud due to the rise of debit cards, the fact is, check fraud remains a billion dollar business for networks of criminals. Your business security relies on your ability to protect your financial information.

At Check Issuing, that’s exactly what we do. We protect the integrity of your checks. When we mail checks on your behalf, those checks are sent in secure envelopes. Our envelope security features include Fourdrinier Watermark, Thermochromatic Ink, Toner Anchorage, Explicit Warning Bands, Chemical Wash Detection Box, Visible Fibers and Payee Area Protection. The checks are also verified at the bank at the point of the presentation. We use a magnetic ink character recognition for a character recognition system which adds to our intensity in security. Security is a big deal to Check Issuing because we know it is a big deal to our clients.

We can customize your checks. When your customers receive your checks, they should look sharp. A professional check is the reflection of a professional business. We can easily place your company’s logo on your checks.

We make dispersing memorandums, coupons and all sorts of company messaging easy. Look, not everyone opens an email, but everyone opens a check. Want someone to learn something new about your company or receive a discount code? Let Check Issuing place it inside your check envelope.

Our reporting interface and upload interface is top of the line. Easily upload your files using Secure EV-SSL 128-bit encrypted file upload system via our admin. Your information is safe with us.

If all these reasons aren’t enough, call us and find out how darn nice we all are! Our customer service is amazing. We love our clients, our business thrives only because we have return clients!

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