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Why Third-Party Check Services Matter

Why Third-Party Check Services Matter

Why Third-Party Check Services Matter“We are doing fine.”

“Why rock the boat right now, we aren’t that big?”

“I hate using third-party services, we can never find a good one.”

The fact is, there are a great many excuses as to why a company might avoid using a third-party check writing service as an extension of their accounting. I get it. But the fact is, more and more companies are opting to utilize these services as a way to cut costs and increase professionalism and timeliness of checks.

As one of the company’s decision-making executives, it is up to you to find better enhancements that help lower company cost and raise brand awareness. Writing checks are an important part of your business (and a risky part, if you aren’t careful). Just leaving such function to chance is never a good idea.

At Check Issuing, we get clients. No, we “get them,” but we also really GET THEM. Like, we understand you. We understand that your product matters to you. As a third party check writing service, Check Issuing runs in the back drop. We are reliable and friendly. We are professional and progressive. Our decades worth of combined experience in this business mean we leave no stone unturned.

Check fraud is a thriving business. We oftentimes forget how lucrative it is for criminals because so many of us never personally write checks anymore. But, I bet your business writes them all the time. Checks are a direct path to your bank’s funds. Criminals know this and won’t hesitate in committing check fraud. We use safe checks as a way to help prevent this kind of bank fraud. We also make available security checks. We also use MICR technology which provides secure and high speed scanning and processing of information throughout bank networks.

We also allow you to simply and easily brand your checks with your company’s logo. Hey, why not? Your checks should be presented in the most professional manner possible!

Get with a Check Issuing representative today. Our customer service is bar none, the absolute best. Our priority is return clients. We consider all of our clients to be family. We will stop at absolutely nothing to make sure you are happy.

Give us a call today, let’s talk.

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