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These People Make Meetings Suck

These People Make Meetings Suck

Meetings are the epitome of time-waste. Most meetings accomplish about as much as a hamster spinning in a wheel. But there are certain types of people who make a bad situation totally worse.

These are the people in meetings who drive me absolutely nuts.

The People Who Make Meetings Suck

Know any?

The Meeting Prompter


This is the person who loves meetings. Probably because they are super bored from accomplishing nothing all day. You can only refresh that Facebook screen so many times until its the same political argument corking the top. They love to suggest more meetings.

“I mean, we should just meet about this again separately.”

Meetings are their fuel. Meetings are their link to company relevance. When you don’t DO THINGS, meetings are a perfect getaway.


The Mindnumbing Asskisser


Meetings are tough enough to get through, but nothing makes them worse than that moment the department dirtbag starts babbling about nothingness. Talking just to be noted as taking by management. And most times managers just love this stuff. They consider it enthusiasm. But really it is just nauseating. Almost always these people babble on about things that end up being tasked to other, more competent people who usually are busy with other things.


The Cologne Guy


Usually, from accounting, this guy stinks of cheap outlet mall cologne. The smell is familiar as you’ve been in his office before and felt the napalm leaking into your nostrils before. Sitting by him is like having rusty nails trapped inside of your sinuses. At times, it seems as though you will suffocate. When he speaks or makes sudden movements, you die a little.


The Distractor


This might be the worst one of them all. This person diverts attention away from their own incompetence to other people. This allows them to get out of having to answer to their own futility.

“Jim, how’s that report coming along.”

“It’s stalled, still waiting on Jan to send me correct numbers regarding how many employees work in our Blogging department so I can calculate the financial side of things.”

“Jim, only one person, works in that department, you walk by her daily.”

“So Jan let me know when you find time to send me the appropriate numbers so that I may complete this pending task.”

Jim is a 100% buffoon. But he’s also a thorn in your side.


The Prop Person


Meetings are worsened by props. There is nothing worse than someone who brings in a Powerpoint presentation for something totally innane.

“Ok, to make this easier, I made a 15 slide Powerpoint presentation over today’s topic, Fixing the Keurig Machine.”

Holy smokes. This person is also kissing the proverbial ass as well.

Unfortunately, I have no good advice for you other than to swallow painkillers before walking into the conference room.


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