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These Are The People That Make Trade Shows Suck!

These Are The People That Make Trade Shows Suck!

The People That Make Trade Shows Suck!

Trade Shows can sure be a beast. They suck the life out of you, let’s be honest. Booking hotels, paying for dinners, buying some stupid candle holder with a picture of the Vegas skyline on it, all cost much money. And no one likes spending money. Unless that money is spent on building your own private llama farm. Then that’s money well-spent and it felt darn good.

Otherwise, trade shows can sure be for the birds. But what makes every trade show worse? Some of these people and things:

Business Card Guy

This is the guy that gives you a business card every time you see them during the trade show. And if it is a different trade show, they likely give you a new business card because they probably changed jobs. I know, I said “guys,” but I never seem to experience this with girls. Girls seem to have more common sense to not overload me with business cards.

Tip: Get one really amazing business card made. Hand it out to each person you meet once.

Drunk Clown

Trade shows can be amazing fun. There are often lots of free open bars. And open bars are fun because they have free booze and who the heck doesn’t enjoy some free booze? The problem enters into the equation when the free booze turn you into Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas.

Look, I get it. You’ve spent months holed up in a winter ice lodge you call Cleveland, buried in kiddy cheese pizza parties so this is your time to get out and live a little. That’s fine. But maybe eat something before you fuel your body with 8 martini’s worth of shots. Slow and steady wins the game. You don’t want to be ass-up in a Venetian hallway at 4pm. People tend to take pictures of that stuff and put it on Instagram and make fun of you. Or they rob you.

Transparent Marketer

You tell me I’m good looking. I love it. You tell me I’m one of the smartest people you’ve ever met. I love it. Actually, I know you are bullshitting me and just trying to friend me up so that I do business with you.

Look, we all get it. Friending up is part of the game, but at least try to seem sincere. I can’t be the coolest person you know in every way possible. I am not even the coolest person I know. And I’m me. So consider that. Experienced trade show peeps can sniff out someone who isn’t being legit. It is possible to be friends with someone and also do business with them.

The Facebook Business Name Person: When you add me on Facebook from the trade show and your Facebook profile name is strange or unprofessional, expect a solid decline. Or at the very least, a firm ignore. I know you have to have a real Facebook with REAL FRIENDS somewhere and that this one is the one you plan to use to spam constantly.

No thanks.

Tradeshows really shouldn’t be this complicated, folks.

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