//Standing Desk Might Be Silly…..MIGHT…

Standing Desk Might Be Silly…..MIGHT…

Standing Desk Might Be Silly…..MIGHT…

Every time I see someone using one of those “standing desks,” I can’t help but think, “have a seat and take a load off.”

Standing desks have become these ultra-popular solutions for business people looking to relieve themselves of their sedentary lifestyle that apparently is a result of working. The fact is, most of us have to work. Unless you are living in a trust fund or some old person forgot to remove blocks of gold from the attic of the house you just purchased, you have to go to a job and do things and hopefully get paid for them.

And that sucks.

In order to make it suck less, people come up with all kinds of ways to compensate. Many people have to stand for their jobs, such as construction workers and painters and security guards. I am sure these people would love the option of sitting down in some ergonomic chair for a few hours. But for some reason, Internet workers just hate the thought of sitting down. So they buy a standing desk. Whenever I walk into an office where everyone is standing at their desks, I feel like I’ve entered some sort of cult. Like its a wing of Amway sales-people or Scientology.

There are so many reasons these things are silly, but for brevity’s sake, I chose a simple few.

Standing Desk Aren’t Comfortable


I’ve used a standing desk. It is called my kitchen counter. I’ve placed my laptop on my kitchen counter in a pinch and worked there. My results? It sucked super bad. Standing up and working is not comfortable. When I’m working, I need to be comfortable so that I accomplish things because accomplishing things falls into the cycle of being paid for things that have been accomplished. Again, this is called a job.

Standing Desks Look Super Weird


Anytime I visit someone’s office and I pass employees standing while working, my first thought is that I hope they fall down. No, I don’t sincerely mean that, but it always annoys me. And yes, I’m easily bored. But they always look so silly and uncomfortable and I can’t completely wrap my head around why they are standing there awkwardly attempting to type. It makes me think the office is trying to hard to be trendy.

Standing Desks Aren’t Doing Much


If you are really into improving your health, just take walks. Does your office have a parking lot? If yes, then walk outside and walk around and walk until 10 minutes has passed and then walk back to your SITTING desk. Mission accomplished.

Remember Bosu Ball Seats?


Standing desks are the new boss ball seats. And we all know how that silliness worked out.

Come on, folks, let’s common sense up here. Sit down. Relax. Get some work done.

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