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Mac or PC? I Settle This Stupid Debate Once and For All…

Mac or PC? I Settle This Stupid Debate Once and For All…

Whenever we need to buy a new computer or laptop, it seems that everyone has a damn opinion. The social battle between Mac and PC is equivalent to the modern day Cavs vs Warriors or Ashton Kutcher vs Charlie Sheen or Gluten vs Gluten-Free. People get fanatical about it and that fanaticism and indoctrination to one side of the other makes getting legit, useful information really a difficult task.


The easiest way to figure out which is right for you is to sit down and write out the good vs the bad. Ok you lazy prick, I will do it for you.

Please see my list below.

PC Benefits

Its much more affordable. The PC cost almost half the price for the same damn power of the Mac. My base price for a Mac laptop is $3k, this includes Apple Care. It is $1700 for a pimped out PC laptop with Microsoft warranty. That’s a staggering difference. If you have to buy more than one (family, employees, etc) that number becomes even more of a consideration (now you know why so many offices run on Microsoft computers).


You want be a Mac assclown. Macs are nice computers, there is no doubt about it, but people who own Macs can be seriously annoying human beings. They loiter in cafés all day. They always talk about how amazing their Mac is. They put stupid stickers on their Mac about being eco-friendly all while plugging their Mac in ALL DAY. Having a PC automatically eliminates you from this affliction.

PC’s have gotten better. All Mac owners will tell you that Macs are better. Ask them why, they have no idea. The truth is, Windows 10 is a copy of Mac’s OS. Windows figured out how bad they sucked and fixed it by copying something that doesn’t suck. PCs are much, much easier to use.

Mac Benefits

Its not a PC. PC says “I’m a gamer, I mostly interact in second life, and I’m slightly poor.” Macs are a more prestigious machine. Macs are even made way better, from higher-quality material with more intelligent design.

Its not bloated. PCs have a “driver” for everything under the sun. And when you update your Windows operating system, many drivers get jacked up. Figuring out which ones is a big old game of finding that needle in the haystack, while the haystack is in flames. This is the big downside to PCs. If it weren’t for bullcrap drivers, there would never be a reason to pay so much more for a Mac. But here’s the thing: Macs don’t use drivers. It is more obvious what’s wrong with them when they do break down.

Macs are prettier. Its true. The Mac design is nice, sleek, modern and not an ugly janky PC. The Mac is almost décor in a nice home while the PC is an eyesore. You never see a PC in marketing ads for home sales. That’s because PCs represent a scummy impoverished experience.

How to know if you should buy a Mac or PC?

You are poor. Pretty much, go get a PC. You can go to Apple.com and surf the refurbished Macs, but the fact remains, even Apple’s leftover junk cost way the hell more than a PC.

You are super freaking rich. If you have FU money, get the Mac. Its sincerely a better machine, even if not by much.


You hang out in cafes trying to pick up dates. Get a Mac, you need Starbucks cred and a PC will fail you every time.

You are a gamer. Get a PC, those are much higher reviewed by gamers. It won’t change the fact that you are a loser gamer, but it will at least make your gaming experiences better.

You have a stupid ugly beard. Go with Mac.


You edit videos. And by “videos,” I mean those homemade movies you and your significant other like to “touch up.” Video editing capabilities are much stronger on the Mac. You definitely want a Mac when it comes to video editing.

In the end, just get what you want. Stop worrying about what everyone else has to say. Unless you want friends. Or unless you want to find a date who will tolerate you. Otherwise, if you are fine being alone, give no thoughts to the matter.

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