//How To Improve Your Company Marketing Like A Boss

How To Improve Your Company Marketing Like A Boss

Our online document and check printing business most certainly relies on the education and skill sets of our employees. The virtual business vertical changes seemingly every minute, making it difficult to simply rely on traditional education portals like Universities. No, we aren’t saying skip college, we are saying that new skill sets crop up every day in relations to online businesses, and Check Issuing is no different.

The key is transcending your business by infusing education opportunities into your staff. For most online businesses, there is a reliance on a few different factors to help influence the companies success.

  • Marketing and Sales
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Your Business

Your trade’s skills are clearly the top need. For us, we need to hire people who either understand the business of check printing or hire people who are more than willing to learn the market. You can’t sell something you don’t understand. You can’t go after SEO keywords for a business you don’t know what the keywords are. This is all pretty logical stuff.

But aside from knowing the business, you can improve upon all the other attributes by simply utilizing education resources. The point is, you can use web resources to train up an employee who may have some extra time to devote to learning and running a new sector of your business. You may not need to hire outside if you have a reliable, eager and competent person waiting in the wings. Lots of employees are motivated by the prospect of growth and new opportunities. It could be a win-win for everyone.

Here’s some areas you could train someone up in.

How To Improve At SEO

improve seoWhen it comes to SEO, most small businesses rely on good listings, either local or general. Getting people to see your website for “free” is essential to the process. Paying for ads is an expensive undertaking. SEO is no longer a secret society. Google pushes the best content to the top. It prioritizes content based on relevance and user experience. They want to make sure that when people search using Google, that person finds what they were looking for. A solution, or a product, or information. Any of it, really.

LinkedIn has a course that has a free trial. For a premium SEO experience, this would be a wonderful place to start. For a free starting place, you could have your employee(s) start at Moz. They have all the information you’d ever need to learn solid SEO skills. Beyond this, it all comes down to original content and relevant product. If you have something people want, SEO will be a small extra step for someone in your company to focus on.

Marketing and Sales Tutorials

Marketing and sales are the essences of almost every business. Whether you sale and market to other businesses as a service (like Check Issuing does) or you sale to consumers, you need to know how to get it done. Most businesses think that anyone who has an extroverted personality can sell and market. This could not be further from the truth. Sales, specifically, is an art. Those who are good at selling things are highly skilled folks. Most of them have read some legitimate sales books. And some have even taken courses such as these options on Lynda.com.

Social Media Skills

Social media companies will charge you an arm and a leg. Mostly, it is not worth it. But that doesn’t mean that social media isn’t worth it. Your company absolutely must have a true presence. In this day and age, you are giving up too much real estate to the competition if you are under exposed on social media.

There are tons of free resources that can help you improve your social media presence. You don’t need to spend a lot here. What you want to look for are tutorials on organic reach, paid Facebook and Instagram ads, viral tips and tricks, etc. You want to first decide where your business fits in on social media. You might not be a company that can get away with being a big jokester, meme factory. But you may be one that could market coupons to businesses or customers who may be looking for your service. Social media is data and demographic driven, Facebook knows who your customers are, you just have to learn how to use the filters to find them. And that’s the toughest part.

I’d also say throw in learning more about emails. Constant Contact is a large, reliable emailing service who offers a beginner’s guide to social media. You could also use them to learn more about the basics of email. If you plan to promote on social media, you might want to consider collecting emails as well (the two headed marketing monster).

In conclusion, the web is full of learning opportunities that could be used to prop someone up that could in turn, help your business grow online. If you feel stalled or stagnate, it is worth looking into online educational resources which may serve to benefit the greater good. Get to fulfilling that mission statement, folks!

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