//How To Save Big Money On Amazon

How To Save Big Money On Amazon

Amazon is now one of the biggest websites on the planet. It is also one of the most influential. Amazon has changed, for better or for worse, shopping for needs and wants as we know it. Some predict that Amazon will fuel a “retail collapse” and destroy the economy while others are choosing to have more hopeful and embracing takes on the matter. Nonetheless, Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world for a reason. And that reason is that Amazon.com is a huge success. People now relish in the idea that they can shop from the comforts of their own homes. Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods Market almost solidifies that we will be using Amazon as one of our core shopping components for years to come.

Because we are enslaved, either by fruitful willingness or dire options, by Amazon shopping, it is important that we understand a few ways to make the most of the situation. Yes, I’m talking Amazon tips and tricks that could help you get your savings and convenience on. Amazon is a big robust service, and much like our online document printing service, there are ways to make the experience way cooler! (yes, I plugged Check Issuing because hey, it is our blog). The fact is, Amazon hacks are alive and well and we all need to be taking advantage of them.

You Can Score Cash Back On Price Drops

Ah, you bought that hair curler you’ve been needing for months. Suddenly, you notice the next day, that the price dropped. Your dismay and agony serve you up some real buyer’s remorse. Did you know that you can often times, contact Amazon’s customer support (who are great, I might add) and let them know what happened and there is a good possibility they will give you cash back off the difference? Yep. This is further incentive to follow up on purchases the next day and make sure you don’t have some savings to be had!

Amazon Price Matches Phones And TVs

amazon tipsI’m not talking only online, I mean, brick and mortar stores, as well. If you see a lower price on a TV or smartphone in a store or on a store’s online webpage, let Amazon know and they will match it. You can get refunded the price differential but you only have 14 days to do so. But hey, it is one more cure for buyer’s remorse and it can save you hard earned money!

Get An Amazon Credit Card

I know, you are cringing, not another credit card! Here’s the thing, if you frequently shop on Amazon, getting their Prime card mostly makes sense (pending you have Prime). If you are a Prime member with decent credit, you can likely get a store card. And that card gets you 5% cash back. Spend all year using the card, pay it off each time you use it, and Christmas presents are on the house!

Now, the only way this doesn’t make sense is if you have a far better credit card rewards program. Some credit card reward systems can import points into Amazon to be used for shopping. For me, Amazon’s Prime card was the best option, however. 5% is great.

Sign Up For Price Drop Alerts

Price drop alerts are both the blessing and the curse. On one hand, getting alerted when items goes on sale just makes financial sense. On another hand, it could lead to buying things you really don’t need. This is a tough battle with our own internal struggles, but the warrior in me thinks this is good stuff. Now, you don’t really do this through Amazon, but you can sign up at sites like Camel Camel Camel and get started with savings.

Your Broken Items Shouldn’t Cost You Shipping

Often times, Amazon will simply send you a new replacement product if your original order arrives broken. Who knew? I did. Because I’ve done. Amazon has some of the top customer service of any store out there. When I’ve had broken or malfunctioning items, they’ve simply sent me a new replacement without forcing me to go through the trouble and expense of returning the item through shipping.

Share Your Prime Membership

Oh boy, did you know you can give our free Prime memberships to 4 more people? That’s right, you can give the gift that keeps on shipping (for free). Amazon allows Prime users to gift Prime memberships to a few other people because they realize that many people will share accounts. I mean, a husband and wife aren’t going to pay for multiple Prime memberships. So from Amazon’s perspective, this really makes sense.

So there you have it. Your Amazon shopping experience just got a whole heck of a lot better. Got any other tips? Leave us a comment. We LOVE comments (well, most of the time).

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