//These iPhone Tips And Tricks Will Help You Dominate Your Smartphone

These iPhone Tips And Tricks Will Help You Dominate Your Smartphone

Smartphones are now an extension of our lives, In some ways, that’s extremely sad, but it is also very usable. Smartphones allow us to live more mobile lives and stay more connected to friends and family than ever. But, the dark side is smartphone addiction. Yeah, smartphone addiction is a real deal, even for some of our employees at Check Issuing. I’m not going to call any one person out, however, because it is pretty much all of us!

Smart phones were set up to be addictive. Otherwise, we would use them less and someone, somewhere, (Apple) wouldn’t make all that bank. But one thing that can really help you manage your time spent on your smart phone is to learn best practices. Or, at the very least, it can help you use the entire phone more efficiently. For now, I’m talking iPhone. Yes, I’m talking iPhone tips and tricks that can serve to enhance your iPhone use experience.

While it may seem lame, the new cool OS7 iPhone features are pretty awesome. Here’s a few of them.

Wake iPhone With No Fingers

Usually, you have to press your iPhones main button to wake it up. Not with OS7. The new OS allows you to wake the phone by simply moving it. This means when you pick the iPhone up, it is ready to go. Here’s the thing: I hated this. Many people love it because it truly saves time, but I also found that the phone woke up when I didn’t want it to and was always lighting up when I simply moved it. This led to poorer battery performance. Yes, almost all cool features eat away your iPhone battery. Who knew? Everyone, pretty much.

Faster Camera Readiness

How many times have you seen something funny while at the mall and wanted to take a picture of it, only to be disappointed with a slow process to open your camera? The new OS7 has you covered. Now you just pick the iPhone up and slide right and the camera fires open. I really don’t know what you’d need to take a picture of at the mall so quickly, so maybe that was a poor example. Or maybe not. Malls have weird clowns sometimes, right? See, I knew there was a purpose served.

Open iPhone With Finger Print

With the new iPhone, you can access your phone simply by using your fingerprint. No more typing in that annoying 6 digit password (yes, they increased it!). You can also put in multiple finger prints (your wife or husband, but maybe think that one through) or someone who needs to access it. Or, you can put in both of your index fingers, like I did. This makes opening that smartphone a quicker, dreamier experience. Its a true time saver. Though it probably eats your battery. I really don’t know, I just assume all great iPhone functions eat my battery life away.

Improved Selfie Technology

The iPhone now knows when you are taking a selfie. I’m completely embarrassed to even write this because no adult should care if their iPhone takes selfies more efficiently. But the truth is, adults take selfies. The new iPhone stores your selfie photos in a specific tag so they are easier to locate. And the front facing camera went from 5mp to 7mp, so your selfie image quality just got super legit. Don’t pretend, we know you take your fair share of selfies and now that process will be a higher-quality experience.

Better Sound

Ok, the new iPhone’s on board speaker system is by far better than the last version’s. Past iPhones have been considered rather underwhelming in terms of on board sound. And this tends to effect listening to music or speaker phone / Facetime. But the new iPhone definitely turns up the volume. And for an added tip, toss it in a bowl to enhance your music listening volume. No, not a wet bowl or bowl with leftover Chinese food in it, a clean dry bowl. It will serve as a cool amplifier.

iPhones are cool technology, no doubt. The 8th version is due out in September and people are already anticipating a huge upgrade. So if you just got the recent one, go ahead and get your buyer’s remorse depression on. I know I am.

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