//How To Fire Up Focus and Productivity and Get Things Done

How To Fire Up Focus and Productivity and Get Things Done

Productivity is the key to success, both in personal and profession respects. The faster you can produce results, the more results you can produce.

That makes sense.

However, the productivity is only as good as the quality it renders. 100 crumby things aren’t as good as one great thing.

That, also, makes sense.

Productivity and quality are related. Improving productivity should mean not experiencing sacrifices in quality.

So how can we improve our productivity?

There are lots of ways. And it all starts with our brains.

Brain Health

If your diet is one riddled with fast food and sugar, your brain is suffering.

A brain high on sugar is a brain that’s constantly distracted.

Healthy fats are the key to brain health. This is why so many people report increased focus after eating coconut oil.brain health focus

Healthy fats help the brain source stable energy. They protect the brain from degenerative brain disease such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

They amp our brains up with focus.

That said, low calorie diets, particularly ones that don’t have much fat in them, can serve to work against our focus.

White Noise

You may not realize exactly how much of a distraction that overhearing someone’s conversation can be. Or, the sound of someone’s music emanating from their car.

Radios, TVs, conversations, all serve to distract us even when we think they don’t. white noise productivity

Case and point, have you ever noticed how productive you can be on a plane?

That’s because of the white noise the plane’s humming engines make. They fill your ears and brain with non-descript sound.

You can replicate this by way of decent headphones and Youtube. Youtube has a lot of white noise options.

Maybe you work well to the sound of a thunderstorm? You’ll find it on Youtube.

Cut Distractions Off

If Facebook is open in one of your browser tabs, your going to constantly be subjected to the notifications alert. Even if you have no friends and are hardly active, Facebook will just make up excuses to push notifications.

Once you see the ‘Facebook (1)’ browser tab, you are going to be compelled to open it. The same goes for Youtube, Twitter, and dozens of other websites.

The key to overcoming these notification distractions is to shut down all these webpages. Unless the webpage is 100% related to the project you are focused on, shut it down.

You can dedicate time to checking social media. But one thing is clear, the time to check social media is certainly not while you’reorganize tasks attempting to be productive.

Organize Your Thoughts

One of the best ways to increase productivity and focus is to map out what you need to get accomplished. This may be something you do each morning (that’s how I do it), or something you do before each project.

In any case, just having notes mapped out with goals will keep you feeling more in control of everything that needs to be done. This will allow your brain to feel “less cluttered” and establish focus on things that are pertinent in faster order.

A mind map, or just jotted down notes with “to do” items, can often serve as a visual guide that keeps your brain on track.

Take Mental Breaks

If you feel your focus going down the tubes, rather than popping on Facebook, take a walk. Get a little lunch. Maybe do some exercises.

Some people choose to meditate.

Whatever way you choose to give your mind a break, it can serve to help your focus come back stronger.

Focus is no different than a muscle. The more you use it, the more it needs recovery time.

Even taking a few minutes to breath can help you reinvigorate the mighty mind.


Focus powers productivity. If you eat on a bad diet or allow social media sites to constantly access your life, you are setting your productivity goals up for failure.

The brain is a muscle, if you don’t rest it, it will run out of fuel.

Being productive means writing down task goals and mapping out what needs to be done. This allows your brain to more easily negotiate what needs to be accomplished. It can make you feel less overwhelmed.

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