3 Super Important Tips Every Small Business Should Understand

//3 Super Important Tips Every Small Business Should Understand

3 Super Important Tips Every Small Business Should Understand

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When it comes to business, it is easy to go down the wrong path when you taste a little success. The truth is, while many of us are good at taking an idea to the profitable level, it is the next level that can be the most difficult. You now have a staff. You have customers. You have more product being produced. You have a full-fledged operation. So what’s next?

Learn to disseminate between good and bad employees.

This one is huge. You need to learn to let go of employees who simply don’t do work or give any effort. This isn’t just a burden on your finances, but it also contributes to the company’s spirit. Other employees see laziness, and they become bitter and feel there is no reason to work harder. In the same light, you need to reward the good employees. A system of meritocracy is the essence of motivating people. You want all employees to see that hard work pays off. Remember, passion and hard work are what builds your product and acquire more clients and customers. So promote it within.

Learn to Train

One of the biggest issues I see with businesses today is that they seemingly are poor at training employees. I am not just talking new employees; I am also referring to current employees learning new skills. The ability to teach people new things is critical to success. You need someone who can explain things in an easy way, with clarity. You don’t want people just “figuring it out.” A good manager can use on-screen videos and screen captures to train employees. If an employee is confused, a great manager will easily unconfuse them. When you hire new employees, they should immediately be trained up on how your product or service works. They are on the front-lines, they should be experts at your business.

Customer Service should be over the top friendly

Don’t fail at this. It is too critical to fail at. Calling or emailing or live chatting your company should be nothing short of pleasure, even if I’m mad. If I am mad, calm me down. If I am happy, don’t ruin that. Be nice. Always be moving us in a positive direction. This goes a lot deeper than just hiring customer service agents with the right mindset; this also comes down to your company motto. Be nice to your customer service or client relations staff and let them know that you expect them to treat the company’s customers the same way in return (even when they are mad).

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