//Outsourcing Check Writing: What You Need To Know

Outsourcing Check Writing: What You Need To Know

You want to outsource check writing for your company, but you don’t have the first clue as to how (or even why).

You know that other companies outsource check writing. You know those companies are uber smart. But you aren’t sure if outsourcing check writing would be an advantageous move for your company.

Fortunately, I’m an expert on the matter and I’m here to help.

Outsource Checks – Improve Security

Our modern technology-driven society often has us overlooking and understating traditional mediums. For example, most people think of check writing as “old school.” Therefore, they don’t consider how checks can be vulnerable to criminal ambitions.

But take a breath because what I’m about to say is going to floor you.

Checks are still one of the most widely used methods of payment on earth.

Think about it, you still write checks to pay a lot of bills. Checks are still a huge way to pay employees.

My point is, checks aren’t just something that grandma slides in a Hallmark card.

And due to this, criminals are always targeting checks. Check hacking is still a huge business. Because many companies overlook checks, criminal behavior can often go undetected.

Outsource check services are professionals. They often use check printing materials that are criminal proof. They can alert banks on the fly when suspicions are raised.

Outsource Check Printing Lowers Cost

Outsource check printing services, such as CheckIssuing.com, have deals to print vast numbers of checks. We do it in bulk. This means lower printing costs.

When a company prints their own checks, they are forced to buy expensive equipment and hire people to service it and run it.

Professional check printing services like ours already have experts running our machines. Our cost per printed check will always be lower than most any companies would.

Safer Data, More Streamlined Experience

When you upload customer data to an outsource check printing company, you sleep better knowing that data is safe and secure.

Can you say the same about your current methods?

When customer data is uploaded to our system, the check printing event is streamlined and versatile to your company’s needs.


Outsourcing check printing means less cost and greater security. It also means a fundamentally improved experience for both the company and the customer.

But the fact remains, many companies simply don’t understand all the value associated with utilizing a check outsourcing company. Hopefully, I’ve helped to squash some of the confusion.

Please visit our outsource check printing solution for more information.

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