Accounts Payable Business Process Outsourcing

The Benefits Of Accounts Payable Outsourcing

While providing data for Spend Analysis, our accounts payable automation solution can help you and your business by reducing the costs of AP processing up to 40%. We provide your company with imaging and productivity which can deduct your days payable outstanding (DPO) by five days compared to paper-based systems. Businesses today are constantly being challenged to cut costs, collect the most value possible from their expenditures, and meet a variety of requirements. Imagine reducing your accounts payable automation processing expense without capital investment while boosting regulations over the entire process. When you outsource the functions of your AP department to us, that’s what happens.

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CheckIssuing’s 99.5% accuracy guarantee eliminates inconsistencies caused by data entry errors, and our vendor portal saves our clients an average of 20% in departmental labor overhead. Through electronic invoice submission, invoice processing status viewing and online exception resolution functions, our accounts payable services offer you to perform full self-service. Our vendor portal also provides a “PO flip” platform to allow non-EDI suppliers to invoice electronically.

Instead of spending all of your time managing seas of paper, CheckIssuing’s proven and innovative accounts payable solutions will put your department back to work on your business and what is important. Working with us, it’s simple and direct. You send us a batch or timed payments to process based on your business requirements, then we print, ship directly or use a range of electronic payment options. You only pay for what you process.

Electronic Control

Based on your business rules, we provide you with a web-based control panel that allows you to calibrate your entire accounts payable operation in any way you see fit. We integrate with your system electronically, and then we carry out your instructions. Our invoice automation system administers full control over management authorization as well as per-payee instructions.

Back Office Control

Our Accounts Payable Solutions are geared toward helping you improve the operations of your back financial office without interrupting current packages or software. CheckIssuing’s AP program scans and stores documents, interfaces with most all accounting systems, automatically error-checks data, monitors AP spending and controls payables on an individual basis.

Tax & Business Regulation Compliance

Checkissuing works with national accounting firms and corporations themselves to provide full tax payment processing for sales and use tax, property tax, telecom tax and business regulation and license fees. We manage these payments and provide you with online monitoring tools, allowing you to work with your internal accounting group or CPA firm.

Vendor Portal & Electronic Invoicing

Our Vendor Portal provides a single point of entry, allowing our clients’ suppliers to view document status from anywhere, with no wait. Vendors can self-register within the system, or if preferred, registration can be managed by one of our clients. Registration becomes a part of an approval process, and your vendors can provide payment-related information in the course of their profile. Once accepted, a supplier can then enter invoices electronically through the portal, and individual document status can be checked for any document.

Checkissuing Accounts Payable Invoice Automation and Outsourcing Service is a fulfillment and delivery service that can be setup with less than 48 hour turn times which meet your custom requirements. Please Contact Us for more information.




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