Being Successful Means Doing These Things Before Bed

//Being Successful Means Doing These Things Before Bed

Being Successful Means Doing These Things Before Bed

Most of us don’t think much of our time before going to bed, other than maybe having a glass of wine and watching some TV. But what if that time before bed actually meant something other than another rerun of Friends (I’m not hating, I love that show also)! The fact is; we people who are successful actually use that time before bed in a more beneficial way than many other people use it. Check out my favorite successful quotes

Not to say that wine with a side of Chandler is a bad thing, it just may not be the best thing you could do before bed. Consider the fact that you’ve probably had a long day, as a success-minded person you really need to find a way to close that day out in a beneficial way. So what are some key things you can do before bed to help your success? I love to read inspirational quotes on success on Pinterest.


Read Something

It doesn’t have to be something work-related, it can be anything really like motivational quotes. You want to relax your mind, create a place of mental serenity and nothing takes you away quite like reading does. Reading can really accelerate the decompression state and help you fall into a relaxing state of sleep, which you will need if you want to make the most out of your next day.

Stop Devices

Laptops, computers, tablets and yes….that iPhone, are all adding to your stress and hindering your ability to fall asleep. The lights emanating from the phones and computer screens signal to your brain to stay awake and stay active. Turning those off can help you relax and close out the day.

Get Much Sleep

I know this one isn’t the easiest, but try to seriously sleep. Make sleep the focus, not TV or late night chat sessions with a coworker. When you get good sleep, what you can accomplish the next day is simply infinite. So make sleep the priority!


Improve Your Confidence, Close Deals.

The key to success in business may be as vague and indefinable as the Loch Ness Monster’s existence, but one thing we know is that a central component is definitely confidence. Confidence means you feel more comfortable pitching yourself and your product, it empowers you to hire better people, it engages those who you want to do deals with or get venture capital funding from. Confidence is carried with you everywhere, it allows you the opportunity to believe things are going to work out with your hard work, which drives you to continue working hard. Confidence is a big deal. Check Issuing, yeah, we got confidence and or “swag” as the cool kids say. We know we got the goods, which is why we continue to work hard and go after all those who we know need us! But how does one get confidence? It really is sometimes easier said than done in many cases. Let’s see if we can demystify it!

Make a list of all the things you are good at:

Sometimes simply seeing all the things you are good at in writing can act as reminders of all your talents. This goes for your business as well. We live in a really negative world so seeing the things you and your business do well can really help draw some stimulation to your brain. You need to see how great you are!

Practice being assertive:

Being assertive is a key element of confidence, it is the signature trait. So why not practice it? Speak up more at meetings, be more willing and open to talk to strangers, don’t be afraid to modify your lunch order. There are tons of examples whereas your daily life offers up the ability to practice being assertive, why not take advantage?

Learn new things:

Nothing gives you more confidence, strength, and clarity than learning new things. Take up a new language, take a boxing class, learn to snow ski, just get your mind back into the frame that it can accomplish big gains with hard work, this way you will cease feeling stagnate.

Dress better:

Maybe even buy some new threads, something that makes you look uber awesome and professional! Looking good is feeling good!

How do you stand?:

Stand with confidence. Good posture. Practice it. Tell your body that you are confident in how you stand and it will react by giving you confidence. It is well known that slumping postures represent a low-grade confidence issue.


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