How To Be A Better Manager & Take Your Business Mobile

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How To Be A Better Manager & Take Your Business Mobile

Becoming a Manager is not just a title. It is not just rolling with the motions, staring at your computer zoned out, all with your office door closed. So much goes into being a better manager and better leader of check fulfillment vendors teams.

There is nothing worse than an ineffective Manager. It can completely destroy a company and its entire image. Guess what the number one reason is why people leave a business? The role of a manager who is a terrible boss. Leave that for another company, say one that you are not a Manager for. You most definitely want to have a positive relationship with all employees in your business.

The way that you manage departments and projects will affect the productivity of the entire company and all of our outsourcing rebate programs. Let’s take a look at some ways that can make you a better Manager…today!

Focus on engaging your employees. This is a key component of productivity. There are far too many people disengaged in their business. A huge proportion of this is due to poor management. If you want your employees to feel emotionally attached then you have to apply yourself to them. ‘There is no “I” in Team’. Work alongside them. Be readily available. Guide them. Tailor to each individual in your business. In the end, it is your job to manage, right? There are many functions of a manager is not just overseeing. Managing sometimes involves rolling up your sleeves. The end result is the common denominator here. That is the difference between a manager and a supervisor.

It is also important to pick your management style. Your natural style of management may work for some of the team, but others will not thrive. You must be well versed in different styles and know when to switch between them. Deciding how to coach without micromanaging is extremely important. You want to provide guidance, but you don’t want to hover. It might not be uncomfortable for you to stand over an employee at their desk, but I can confidently tell you that nobody likes to be the person you are standing over. Instead, use the 4 basic functions of management

A very important part of your role is to hold employees accountable for their results. You may be thinking an individual is working on certain items and they may be working on others. Be clear and concise when listing your expectations. Check in on them. As stated above, open your office door and work in the bullpen. Communication is a key factor here. Clearly communicate and while doing so, keep it positive. Nobody wants to work for a negative-Nancy.

I bet if you give some thought to this and apply it to your company, you will be on the right path to becoming a better manager.


 4 Reasons That Make People Love Work

Have you ever been talking to someone and they exclaim proudly how much they LOVE what they do? Well, guess what? A larger percentage of people are more engaged and love their work than the smaller percentage who are zoned out and unhappy. Let’s make sure you are on the positive side of that spectrum. Here are a few ways to give your business culture that extra boost.

1) A fun energetic environment

Make sure that along with all of the hard work and the daily grind, the individuals at your company are happy and energized. Just having a positive attitude can make all the difference here. When you have a good energy, it rubs off on those who work for or around you. Be happy, smile, use positive sayings and watch as everyone else follows along.

2) Positive reinforcement

When people do a good job, tell them! That may seem like obvious advice, but really, it’s not at all. Many companies operate under the “what are you doing now” philosophy and forget to give praise to completed successes, no matter how small they are. If people feel their work goes unnoticed, they are less likely to strive for reaching the moon with their work. Give positive reinforcement and receive hard work in return.

3) Ergonomics

Make the place feel good. It may cost a tough extra for better chairs or wrist-rest for those people who type all day, but it can save you in the end. People who feel better sitting at their desk are more productive. Have you ever tried to type in an uncomfortable position? It isn’t fun.

4) A feeling of success and achievement

People need to feel success and achievement. As mentioned in point two with praising victories, your general environment should be one of success-minded. You are what they see. So be a success!


The No-No’s Of Your Online Business

It just might be the most competitive area of business out there. Doing any type of business online is where it’s at these days. No matter what you do or what you sell, you have some sort of online presence. And that my friends, is a good thing. You just have to make sure you are growing and moving in the right direction. Don’t make the same mistakes others are making and please be sure you are not busy with these No-Nos.

Trend Chasing

You’ve got to be careful with this one. I know it’s hot, but you can run yourself into a dead end. We all want to be part of what’s trending, but this isn’t exactly where the money is. Learn and build what you want to market, don’t just follow trends. It’s possible that what is trending at the moment is not in your best interest. Of course, it could be soon or might have been weeks ago. You have to be on top of what you are trying to do and what you want to build.

Wrong People Chasing

We have all been a part of Facebook groups that are disturbingly sales-Y. This is because someone was in a moment of desperation and decided to grasp for straws anywhere they could. It comes off more annoying and very little if any business will come from this sort of behavior. Trust me, I get it, we all have jobs to do and we all want to make money, but stop hunting down people who are just not interested in your pitch. You are only hurting yourself and wasting your own time. Do your homework and see where your audience truly is. Then engage YOUR audience. After all, your audience is where the money is.

Focusing On The Wrong Areas

Stop focusing on everything that is NOT important. Of course, the website should look great, but changing it twenty times in one week for no good reason at all is a waste of resources. Focus on building your audience and business. Learn how to find your online audience and in what way you should engage them. Putting your best effort here is where you will see growth.

If you are guilty of these No-No’s, then stop them right now.


The World is almost ALL Mobile. Is your business ready for that?

I hate my cell phone. I’m addicted to it. I have an iPhone addiction. I find myself checking for new text and new emails, and even new Skypes mindlessly and without reason. If I want to stop that behavior, I almost have to leave the phone put away. I almost run my entire business on my smartphones.

The thing is, however, my iPhone addiction lends credence and validity to the idea that the world has gone almost 100% mobile. A couple of years ago, everyone was making a huge deal out of mobile web traffic is at 60%. I’m not even going to look for a new stat because I am just very sure it is higher now.

When I look at our business web stats, I see nearly 75% and higher traffic numbers originating from mobile devices such as iPhones, Droids, and tablets. That’s insane, folks, and it is not going to stop until it reaches 100%. So is your business prepared? Here are some ways to find out.

Does your business site work on mobile?  Have you tried to load your site using your iPhone? How about your business social media sites? Send the link via text message to a few friends or co-workers and just ask them to click on it. Ask them how long it took to load and if they were on their data package or wireless. Ask them how the site displayed to them. Ask them if they were easily able to navigate. The site should not require horizontal scrolling, only vertical.

If you have a Facebook page for your business, use the Facebook app and go to your page and click on your site’s link. Many people fail ever to do this, but Facebook app uses its own browser for websites so just because your site works on Safari on your iPhone doesn’t mean it works for Facebook’s app. Facebook app browser traffic is enormous these days. You need to see how fast your site loads in the Facebook app. Slow loading means way less traffic and that converts to less interest or education of your product.

How can you fix things? Well, you want to make your site more of a pure experience. Anything you don’t need just shouldn’t be there. If you use WordPress, take inventory of all plugins. If you aren’t using them, don’t just deactivate them, but delete them. If you are using crazy amounts of images, consider using a template which utilizes more text-based options. The site should get to the point; no one cares about pictures anymore. Aside from your logo, the site should be simple. Many WordPress templates have a mobile version which is launched when the site detects a mobile browser. Mobile versions of sites tend to scale naturally down the site to make it run faster on mobile web browsers.

This isn’t a lot of work, but it is a necessary checklist if you want your product and brand to be experienced by more potential customers.


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