/What do the statuses in the system mean?

What do the statuses in the system mean?

Pending Release – Payments have been uploaded to the Checkissuing System and are waiting to be released by the Printing Team.
Released – The Printing Team has released the payments for processing.
Processing – The payments are in the process of being printed and stuffed into the proper envelopes for delivery.
Sent Out – The payments have been printed and the US Postal Service has picked them up from our Headquarters in Colorado for delivery.
Returned – After being sent successfully, there were errors with the payment and it could not be delivered. (Most likely returned for a bad address)
Canceled – The client has requested for the payment to be cancelled.
Posted Cashed – The payments have been successfully received by the beneficiary and they have cashed the payment. (Only available with a CSV file upload from client’s bank)

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