Easy Quick Tips For Setting Up A Limited Liability Company (LLC)

//Easy Quick Tips For Setting Up A Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Easy Quick Tips For Setting Up A Limited Liability Company (LLC)

setting up LLC for startup companyA Limited Liability Company (LLC) is by far the most popular route to take for small businesses wishing to incorporate. Requirements and rules are different in every state but know that it is quite simple to get through the process.

Follow these easy and quick tips and you will be on your way to entrepreneurship!

Choose Your Business Name

This is the fun part. The law here is that it cannot already be used for another LLC Limited Liability Company in your state. Most sites where you set up your LLC will make sure of that before giving you the ok. The name will end with LLC or Limited Liability Company.

The LLC Articles of Organization Form

This part is simple. At this point in the game, you do not have to specify who does what, only naming all of the members of the LLC. In addition, you will notify the state of the business name, the purpose of your business, an office address and who your registered agent (an individual who receives legal documents).

Have Your Local Newspaper Publish A Notice

ONLY do this if your state requires it. It is not necessary if it is not required. Be sure to find out if your state does require a newspaper notice! If so, publish before you file the LLC Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization.

Submit LLC Articles of Organization Form

You will submit this form to your Secretary of State. Some Websites do this for you if you choose the correct package. In addition to the form, you will be sending the appropriate filing fees. The fees are also dependent on your state. They typically range from $50 to $1000. Caution: a number of states have a corporate tax separate from your filing fee. This also must be paid when you file.

Create an LLC Operating Agreement

An operating agreement will determine who is responsible for what both financially and management wise. The terms will also be a part of your agreement. No matter who you are working with or partnering with for your LLC Limited Liability Company. It is important you do this. Put everything in writing. A little more work, in the beginning, will save you many headaches later.


Why form an LLC

LLC and sole proprietorship pros and cons


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Accounts Payable Challenges and How To Overcome Them

Accounts payable: checking debts that must be paid off within a certain amount of time is a vital accounting function for small businesses. Payments must be made or they will default. Right? Right! There are so many challenges you may face with accounts payable, however, don’t fret. We have some solutions for you. Take a deep breath, you can resolve the issues you are having. Start by viewing each invoice as a means for revenue and follow these strategies.

Improve Process Timing

One of the top Accounts Payable challenges for many corporations is getting checking approvals in a timely fashion. Think about it, if you are manually processing then you shouldn’t be surprised. Even just getting an approval can take forever. Use automated accounts payable system. This way you can eliminate the chase for approvals and many of the other delays you have been faced with in your accounting department.

Make Data More Visible

Seriously, with today’s technology, you should be moving more smoothly. Get everything into one place, your invoices, payment information etc. Just think about the minutes and hours you will save each and every day! This helps on both ends. You can eliminate the constant search to answer one simple question for a customer.  Everything does not have to be impossible!

Speed Up The Process

Most importantly, use a third party checking writing service. You have no idea the strength you will gain and the headaches you will lose.  Your access to real-time reporting, the payment detail, transaction history will be endless. Not only will you be able to get information immediately but you will also be able to make changes instantly. There are so many ways you will improve your accounts payable department and situation.

Prevent Fraud

Last but certainly not least, you will not have to worry about check fraud. Checkissuing.com is your one stop to feeling free of AP challenges. There are various methods to prevent check fraud.  As we have told you before and cannot stress enough, check fraud can cause more harm than any other form of payment fraud…and other combinations of payment fraud. Do not risk your finances. Trust us, it is not worth. You will spend more time and money on fixing the problem and that is, if you can.


Get on board. Save yourself a lot of time and money down the road.  Enjoy your business again. Focus on ways to generate more revenue while we handle your darkest and most difficult challenges  to their entirety here at CheckIssuing.com.


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